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Reviving Eastwick


After talking about it during Halloween, I decided recently that I wanted to watch the series Eastwick again.  Unfortunately Sadly, Eastwick was cancelled in its first season so there were only 13 episodes to watch; which I’ve done over the last few weeks.

I keep talking about this show because it was so good!  I’ll never understand why shows like this aren’t given a chance.  It had a crazy following, was nominated for a People’s Choice Award, headlined an incredible cast (not to mention the great guest stars: Cybill Shepherd, Rosanna Arquette, Jerry O’Connell, Joanna Kerns), and had a great story-line.  It was a great show: Fun, exciting, sexy, silly.  And completely perfect for watching with your girlfriends and drinking wine.

Eastwick starred Rebecca Romijn (Roxy), my girl Lindsay Price (Joanna), Jamie Ray Newman (Kat) (who’s also guested on Grimm) as three women who come together accidentally and create a beautiful friendship.  And, unknown to them, they are witches, each with a specific and special power.

Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Ray Newman and Lindsay Price

Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Ray Newman and Lindsay Price

In from the dust comes a mysterious man to town, Darryl Van Horne (played  by Canadian Paul Gross).  He’s intriguing, he’s exciting, he’s sexy, he’s….trouble.

I'm Darryl Van Horne...these are my nipples.  I'm probably the devil.

I’m Darryl Van Horne…these are my nipples. I’m probably the devil.

Also starring are several other great actors: Veronica Cartwright as Bunn – who knows Darryl from another time but refuses to give up what she knows;  The gorgeous Sara Rue who plays Joanna’s sidekick and BFF, Penny.  These two girls have such a great friendship, one that’s true-t0-life and reminds me oh-so-much of my friendship with my BFF, Steph (shout out!); Darren Criss, who now plays the magnifique Blaine on Glee.  And these are just a few of the people who make up a great cast for a great show.  “Great.” Should I be saying “Great”?  Because I feel like I should be using a better, more exciting word to describe Eastwick.

What a great looking cast!!  We should be friends.

What a great looking cast!! We should be friends.

I wish that Eastwick hadn’t been cancelled.  I wish that I had the opportunity, still, to sit down with a glass of wine and watch it and laugh and get caught up in the drama and silliness and the magic of this show.  I loved it.

Thank goodness for the ability to watch tv online because Eastwick hasn’t been released on DVD yet.  But if it ever does, I will surely add it to my collection.





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