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The Girl in the Green Dress

Remember playing dress up as a child?  I used to love getting decked out in over-sized dresses, beads and high heels and pretending I was a princess. When I was really little, like maybe 4 or 5 I had this God-awful emerald green satin dress that I wore to a Sunday School Christmas concert.  I think my grandmother made it.  And I absolutely loved it.  It was down to my ankles and when I twirled, the dress flowed out like it should for a princess.  I LOVED that dress. I loved it so much, in fact, that I would put it on everyday.  When I was first starting in school I would come home and put that dress on.  I was so proud of it.

I was watching a TV show earlier that showed a clip of Disney and Beauty and the Beast.  Belle’s dress reminded me of my green dress:

My dress was so much better.  But she's a real princess so I guess she wins.

My dress was so much better. But she’s a real princess so I guess she wins.

My mother tried to throw that dress out so many times.  But when I would come home and discover it was missing I would just go to the garbage and dig it out.  No way would I let that dress leave me.  I’d totally bonded with it.

I find it completely adorable when I see Abby constantly putting on the dress she wore in a wedding several years ago.  Blair wants to throw it out…it doesn’t fit her anymore, it doesn’t close up in the back, and it’s getting rather short.  But it’s beautiful and I completely understand why she wants to put it on on almost a daily basis (although, I must admit, it would be nice if she would start hanging it back up instead of one of us having to pick it up off the floor).  She’s a girl; therefore she is a princess and she wants to twirl around in the frills and the ribbon and all that lace.  *sigh* I miss those days.



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