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How Santa Ruined Christmas

I am a true believer in Santa Claus.  Or at least I was.

Years and years and years ago I worked at the local mall over Christmas.  I loved it.  I loved (and still love) the hustle and bustle and busy-ness and the crowds of people.  I loved doing a walk-about and running into a hundred people I knew and hearing my name called and being waved at (who am I kidding?  I STILL love it.).

One Saturday afternoon a few of my friends dropped by to visit and during my break we walked thru the mall and the hordes of shoppers.  Santa was also on break from his workshop and was walking around the mall, greeting people and saying hello.

I, being the adult child that I am, was extremely excited to see Santa – especially since I’d been so busy at work that I did not have the opportunity to see much of him – unless I detoured on my pee breaks.

But, as we approached him, he slowed his step, looked the 3 of us up and down and said “Lookin’ Good, Ladies.”


Tsk tsk...shame on you, Santa!

Tsk tsk…shame on you, Santa!

This was just not right.  BAD SANTA!!!  You ruined Christmas for a young dreamer.  Shame on you.  I hope that Santa was fired!  Of course, as most malls do, we’ve had some good Santas and some bad (very bad) Santas.  This guy was an example of a creepy old man who needed a different job.

Thanks for ruining Christmas, “Santa”!!





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