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Jesus is the Reason

The other night as I was tucking the Abster into bed, I told her we’d go visit my grandfather the next morning after church.
“What’s church?” She asked. I was astonished. She is less than 2 weeks away from turning 8 and she didn’t know what church was.
In fact, she had no idea what Christmas was about – truthfully.
So, without stepping on any toes, I diplomatically explained to her what church is and the real meaning of Christmas (not Santa and not presents) – the birth of Jesus Christ.
I grew up in a time when going to Sunday School was the thing to do. Most of my friends went to Sunday School and/or church.
We began learning about religion and Jesus and Christmas and Easter at a very young age. We were participating in Christmas pageants at age 3. We knew that Jesus was the reason for the season.
It’s discouraging that it’s a rarity for small children to go to Sunday School now, or to even know about religion.
So why are all these people celebrating? As my friend Steve said to me tonight, this Christmas eve, why are these people celebrating the birth of something they don’t believe in?
I wholeheartedly agree.
Let’s put Christ back in Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus!



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