Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Storm Day

I live in Nova Scotia.  Which means we have crazy winters.  Sometimes we get a lot of snow.  Sometimes we get tremendous amounts of snow.  (Sometimes, we have unusually large snowstorms in April, which some girls are not prepared for and head to the club in sandals and have to trudge thru 4 feet of snow at 2am because the forecast called for “flurries.”)

Anyway, today is a storm day.  It’s the first major one we’ve had this season (we’ve had 2 other snow storms but today’s they referred to as a blizzard – which I think is a little overrated).  So, since I am stuck at home by myself (Blair and I both figured we’d have to shovel our respective homes today) and I took my Christmas tree down earlier this morning, got my work out in, cleaned and rearranged some furniture; I decided I would make the rest of the day “Movie Day”.

Now, usually I have a ton of movies that I want to see, but for some reason, when it comes down to the wire, I have a hard time remembering which movies are on my list (maybe I should keep an actual list??) and then I have to kinda surf IMDB and find something worthwhile.   So, last night during my IMDB surfing of my other boyfriend, Cole Hauser, I found a movie of his that I hadn’t seen and found an online site to watch it…so that’s what I did.

The movie is called The Hit List and stars C.H. and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

The Hit List DVD

It’s not the type of film I’d normally go for but since it stars my future life-partner (sorry Blair) I felt obligated to watch it.   But the movie was pretty good.  And Cole (I can call him that because I love him!)  plays a character a little out of his normal range.  Usually he plays a tough kinda guy.  Not a dick, but someone fully capable of taking care of himself (hello Paparazzi).  And sometimes he just plays a dick (hello Higher Learning).  But in this movie he played a sort of doormat – the type of person who lets everyone walk all over him – well, for most of the movie.  He gained a bit of a backbone near the end.

But I suppose when you look this good you can do whatever the hell you want:

Man, I AM a good-looking dude!

Man, I AM a good-looking dude!

So yeah…that’s how I’ve been spending my first official snow day….With the other man of my dreams.



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