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The Hobbit…An Unexpected Ending


The other night Blair and I went to see The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey.  Blair had suggested going to see it, which surprised me twofold:  1) Blair never suggests going to the movies unless it’s to take the girls to see something  2) I didn’t think Blair would have any interest in seeing The Hobbit.

But he did and so we headed to the theater and settled in for our date night.

The movie was great.  I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was excited when I heard The Hobbit was coming out.  I’d read the book in elementary school and liked it (tho I don’t remember it at all because I’m old!) so I knew I would enjoy the new film.

So we sat there and watched for more than two and a half hours.  Then, it was over.  Not the story, but the movie.  I was not surprised as I knew it was it was the first in a series.  Blair on the other hand was super pissed.  He had no idea it was a three-parter and was so ticked off that the movie just ended abruptly and now we have to wait, like a year for the second part.  (And then likely another year for the third part.)

Poor Blair.  He grumbled.  And when we got home his “anger” flared.  In half laughs, half growls, he went on and on about how he can’t believe the movie just ended like that.  That they suckered us in again.  How they’re only after our money.  Etc. Etc. Etc.

Build a bridge and get over it

Build a bridge and get over it

I laughed and laughed at him.  I think it’s cute.  And I told him I was totally gonna blog about this so to not be surprised when he sees it in print.   Meh, he’s okay with it….as long as his voice is heard.  *Snicker* (<that’s me trying to refrain from laughing as I reflect on the other night.)

SOoooooo…if you plan to go see The Hobbit, or plan on taking an over-grown man-child with you to see it, please be forewarned that this is the first movie in a trilogy.  You will not be watching the full movie.  You will not have any answers.  You will not feel satisfied or complete when you leave the theater.  Instead, you will be anxious or anticipatory and maybe even ticked off.

However, in spite of all that, please enjoy it while you’re there because it was really good.  🙂



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