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Wanna Play A Game?

After a long week and an exhausting evening at the gym I thought it’d be fun to list a few movie quotes from some of my favorite movies.  Reply in the comments with your answers and the person with the most correct answers WINS (my respect).


1) “Penis Penis Penis. Vagina Vagina Vagina.” 

2) “What was God Thinking?” 

3) “What do you think is more exciting… having sex or boosting cars?” 
4) “Some advice, okay? Just don’t point your fuckin’ finger at crazy people!”
5) “Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games. ”
6) “I’ve got women to do, places to see!”
7) “I did it when I was a freshman, and you’ll do it when you’re seniors. But you’re doing great. Now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies. Fry!” 
8) Person 1)” We’re immortal, _____. We can do anything.”   Person 2)” Oh yeah? Clap.” 
9) “What’s with you, kid? You think the death of Sammy Davis left an opening in the Rat Pack?” 
10) “Toepick!”
11) Person 1) “You know something? I’m still gonna get into Harvard. And in 10 years no one will remember any of this. But you’ll still be a goddamn Jew.”  Person 2) “And you’ll still be a prick.”


I'll Be Back
“Hasta la vista, baby.”

WWSD? (What Would Sandy Do?)



The other night I got a message from my friend Anic.  She had started a new job that day so I’d texted her asking her how it went.  She replied “good” except “I got lost and thought ‘Crap!  What would Sandy do?‘  Then, out of nowhere some gentleman happened to be walking past and I asked for directions.  He offered to walk with me because he was going that way.  We introduced ourselves.  His name is SANDY.”

I thought this was a) hilarious b) too cool to be a coincidence c) a sign that I should start a running post titled “What Would Sandy Do?

So…please, by all means, if you’re struggling with something, feel free to ask me what I would do.  In the interim here are a few mock up scenarios in case you’re ever in a pinch:

1) Not single or not interested but at a party/club where a dirty old man (or woman) who’s had entirely too much to drink will not stop hitting on you.  Unlike some people who would throw a fit or have him threatened or kicked out, I would Woo him!  Hells yeah.  Ask him what he’s making you for breakfast in the morning.  Tell him you have a 2 year plan (because, let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger and there’s no time for a 5 year plan) and you expect to have a ring on your finger within 6 months.  And don’t forget to talk about kids.  And destiny.  Ain’t destiny grand?  How it brought the two of you together on this winter’s eve.  And, if he’s getting a little fresh, don’t hesitate to announce, loud and clear to the entire room, that he should remove his hand from your ass.  Make him the center of attention.  Men love that.

2) Like Anic, if I were lost in a strange City, I too would certainly ask for directions.  OR, I would randomly break out into my own personal flash mob, dancing like a maniac, hoping passersby would throw change at me so I could go buy a map.  Flash mobs are cool.

3) At a Zumba class and don’t know the moves?  Forget the instructor.  Bust a move to your own drum.  In other words, make up your own dance moves and rock that joint.

4) Got a friend who’s a little klutzy?  If you’re walking along and he/she trips don’t bother to help.  GET YOUR CAMERA OUT and take as many candids as possible.

There is more to come…it’s been a long day.  I’m tired.  And hungry.  But mostly tired because, once again I did not sleep last night but had to get up, go to work, then the gym, then to Zumba.  I’m tired.  Did I mention that I’m tired?  So, if you deep concerning questions…please feel free to ask me WWSD?



Here Kitty Kitty…..


H&M tank

H&M tank

I know Christmas is over and I can’t add to my Holiday Wish List but I can’t stop looking at this tank.  I think it’s too cute.   Who said Animal Prints were out??


Feeling Blue

Last week I, once again, saw my favorite band, Blue Rodeo, in Halifax.

Blue Rodeo in Halifax

Blue Rodeo in Halifax

If you know me or have been following my blog for several years you will know that I am obsessed with love these guys.  These guys have been playing together for more than 25 years (this is actually their 25th Anniversary Tour) – although Jim and Greg have been writing and performing music together since the 70’s – and it was an honor to be a part of this concert experience.

They played to a gracious crowd and, as always, gave an incredible performance.  But this concert was different than their other, more high energy concerts (or maybe I was the high energy one).  This concert was very intimate.

Jim Cuddy sits at the piano and plays us a tune

Jim Cuddy sits at the piano and plays us a tune

A lot of the music was from their upcoming album, tho they did play some of  their traditional hits.  They shared stories from their experiences from way back when they were releasing their first record and playing their first tours (of course I was already familiar with these stories – being a true fan and all).  It was a great night.


My friend Melissa and I had floor seats – as always – and we had a thoroughly enjoyable night.  Toward the end of the night the band invited guests to come to the front of the stage and dance and sing and have a blast and, with my shoving her urging, Melissa and I were up and participating with the other hundreds of people on their feet.

Honorable Blue Rodeo guitarist Colin Cripps and the incredible Jim Cuddy.

Honorable Blue Rodeo guitarist Colin Cripps and the incredible Jim Cuddy.

Blue Rodeo has a history of performing incredible encores.  And they did not disappoint this time.  They played a few songs, including their hit Lost Together where they stand back and encourage the audience to sing and kinda take over the concert.  It’s always so much fun.

Part of their first encore

Part of their first encore – Lost Together

At the end of their encore set the guys all gave great thanks and exited the stage once again.  But, as we’re all gathering up our coats and other belongings something happened….Greg and Jim came back to the stage and sang a beautiful rendition of their “duet” Is It you?.  Something unexpected but wonderfully exciting and appreciated.  The crowd went wild with applause and cheers.

Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor - second encore

Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor – second encore

It was such a great night.  I love this band.  I love their music.  I love the energy at their concerts.  I love how gracious they are to all their fans and for the continued support over 25 years.

This was one of my favorite of their concerts.  The first of course being in 2008 when I finally got to meet Jim Cuddy.  Boo Yah!!

If you're sexy and you know it...(And yes, that's him on my shirt)

If you’re sexy and you know it…(And yes, that’s him on my shirt)

I encourage you to go to YouTube and check them out (Try, Rose-Coloured Glasses, Rain Down On Me, House of Dreams, After the Rain and Jim Cuddy’s Pull Me Through are some of my favorite songs ever) and check out http://www.bluerodeo.com for info, history, sound bites, tour dates and just for kicks.



I am soooo tired today.

I don`t have the energy to purr.

I don`t have the energy to purr.

Last night was the absolute worst night of no sleep I`ve had so far.  I slept less than 2 hours the whole night.  Similar to last week, Blair awoke at one point in the middle of the night and gently began rubbing my head.  It felt so nice but I told him that at least one of us should try and get some sleep.  He`s sweet tho.  I think he understands how this freakish on again, off again insomnia is affecting me.

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and with that dizzying feel you get from a semi-bad hangover.  I got my butt ready for work anyway and went out in the nearly -30 weather and drug my feet thru the snowcovered sidewalks on my way to the office.  I am not a happy camper.

It`s been a rough day. Usually I`m still able to function when I haven`t had enough sleep but today seems to be excruciating.  And to make matters worse I have a 3 hour gym session tonight.  Yikes!  I just hope my warm-up run gives me a boost of energy that I`m desperately needing (as well as this late lunch I`m taking now).

I am hoping that when I finally get home tonight I will be pooped and will fall fast into a coma asleep.  A girl can only hope.

End rant.

(I`d say `Cheers!`as I always do but I don`t know if I fully mean it today.)





Nothing like a chick pea fritter!

Nothing like a chick pea fritter!

A week or so ago I was at a market (Pete’s Frootique) with my friend Amy K. and we were working ourselves around the deli section….frothing at the mouth.

In the line of salads and dumplings and several other interesting concoctions were these weird little fritters.  Amy said that we had to get them because they’re delicious and so I heeded her advice and bought one.

I waited ’til I got to Blair’s, warmed it up and gave it a whirl.  It was good.  It wasn’t great.  Something seemed to be missing from it but it was still okay.  A little different with each bite.  One kind of bland, another too spicy.  In the end it turned my stomach* (*this may not be fully blamed on the pakora but I tied to two together).

I would certainly give pakora another chance.  Just to be fair.  It’s always good to try something new.  Life is an adventure.  Eating should be too.




January 21st is National Hug Day.  (To learn more about this designated day click here:


In being a good sport, let’s all try and celebrate N.H.D. today by hugging everyone: friends, family, pets, strangers, your barista, carpool buddies, that lady in front of you at the pharmacy.  EVERYONE.

DON’T be a spoilsport!  Have  some fun.  But remember, it’s National Hug Day not “grope someone freely” day.  Try not to get arrested.

Natational Hug Day


Dream Weaver

Last night I had yet another sleepless night.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights I struggled with sleep and hadn’t slept much so when Monday night rolled around I was out like a light.  BAM!  I slept so great.  Which meant, and I knew, that I wouldn’t be sleeping well last night.  It’s just the way the crappy cycle of this insomnia has been working.

I went to bed around 11:30 – I was at the point where my eyelids were heavy and I thought; “Hey, this is my chance.”  But my luck isn’t that great.  Blair had come to bed about an hour following me and he was in dreamland pretty quickly.  Lucky duck.



So, for a few hours I laid in bed, trying for sleep.  Nada.  At one point, in the middle of the night, I just started cursing.  I was pretty cranky.  Blair, hearing my bitching the sweet sound of my voice woke up and quietly said “Just relax.  Close your eyes and I’ll rub your back.”  (Which I thought was a half-assed promise, but to my surprise he lovingly followed thru.)

He laid there and rubbed my back for about a minute and a half and then he fell asleep.  Mid rub.  With his big lug of an arm across my back.  Which, to be honest, normally I would enjoy.  I usually tell him; “Put your arm around me, Babe” and will wrap his arm around me in a snuggle.

But last night I was pissed.  Now I was wide awake in the middle of the night, counting down ’til it was time for me to get up for work, with a big hot arm thugged over me.  Then Blair woke up and began rubbing my back again trying to put my mind at rest so that sleep would come.  Eventually it did.  EVENTUALLY.

Thank goodness for love. ❤


Breakfast of Champs

This morning I was feeling a little weakish from my lack of protein.  After two high energy workouts yesterday I didn’t have enough protein in my meals yesterday.  I knew this as I went to bed still feeling hungry but it was late and I didn’t want to eat too much before bed.

Since I had some time to spare this morning I made some delicious high-protein eggs (which, I have almost everyday because I’m thoroughly addicted);



And, in addition, I made myself a protein shake, which I nursed most of the morning.

My shake contained:

Chocolate whey protein
1/2 a banana
4 large fresh strawberries
a handful of blueberries
a scoop of peanut butter
a handful of greens (spinach, etc.)
flax seed
pinch of cinnamon
Almond milk

Healthy and Delish!

Healthy and Delish!

It was so good and I feel so much better now.




I’m so sorry….I couldn’t resist this.  This photo has been cracking me up for months.




Happy Tuesday, y’all.



So, I’ve decided to do another bootcamp.  Only this time I’VE designed the program.

boot-campIf you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I am (or attempt to be) a fitness buff.  I work out on a nearly daily basis and I usually follow a pretty strict “diet” – meaning, I try to eat healthy and not overeat*.  On occasion I will indulge in something if I really want it badly enough, however, with my exercise restrictions after surgery and then Christmas treats, I feel like I’ve mammothed up and that my body isn’t where I want it to be.
I realize that my self esteem issues will continue to stand in my way of seeing what I’ve accomplished over the years with my fanatical faithful fitness following but I still don’t feel like I’m “there” yet.

(*My biggest problem is that I don’t actually eat enough/consume enough calories throughout the day, which is likely why I’ve plateaued. *sad face*)

I will be tracking my progress and hopefully posting on my workout routines and sharing food ideas.  Last year I documented every single day of my workouts.  I have continued to do this again this year.  I feel that being accountable certainly helps out.

Sunday (Begin: Bootcamp) – 1 hour at the (mad)gym in the am + 1 hour of P90X yoga in the late afternoon.

I also did crazy grocery shopping yesterday spending tons of money on produce and other things to prepare my meals a bit better.  Although I always have fruits and vegetables in the house I feel like, lately, I’ve not taken advantage of all that’s offered (especially with those damn Christmas treats lingering in my deep freeze *drool*).  Here’s a list of (some of) what’s in my fridge:

Sweet potato
Red and green peppers
Red and green onion
Garlic (always a staple)
Sugar snap peas (one of my favorite snacks)
Salad greens
Coconut water
Almond milk
Seeds and nuts and beans and quinoa (not kept in the fridge, duh)

fruits n veg

I think this is a pretty great list of food and I will have tons of options when it comes time to make meals.  (*Just another note so I don’t get lectured, I also have meat/poultry/fish and other protein options.)

Last night for dinner I had a 1/4 sweet potato, greens and a 1/4 cup of chopped beef marinated in tangerine, guava and pink peppercorn dressing, garlic and pepper and then cooked in the oven.  In the evening I also had a 1/3 dragonfruit and a handful of sunflower seeds.

A little flavor goes a long way.

A little flavor goes a long way.

My big goals for the week are to drink more water – like gallons and gallons of it – and to sleep more, which has only become  a problem since I’ve developed some weird semi-form of insomnia within the last 6-7 weeks.  OMG, it SUCKS!  I can be exhausted all day long.  To the point where I don’t have the energy to blink and then when I hit the sack I’m wide awake all night, normally not finally falling asleep until 4 or 5 or even 6 in the morning.  Even with sleep aids I’ve been having issues.  I don’t know what my problem is but I’m pretty friggin’ cranky in the interim.

So yeah, drinking more water (more than usual so that I always feel full and hydrated) and working on that sleep thing (please keep your fingers crossed for me for this).  Our bodies always function better when watered and rested.

Man, this chick's got it made.

Man, this chick’s got it made.

My fitness routine for this evening was:  35 minutes of P90X yoga and a Zumba class. *whew*

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be bombarding you with every single workout and a play-by-play of what I’m eating.  But here’s hoping for some great results and finally getting over this hurdle.  And I welcome any of you to join me.

Olivia rocked it.

Olivia rocked it.


Enough of these People, Already!!

Since 2012 is done and over with and we’re fresh into a brand new year, I’ve compiled a short list of the “celebrities” I hope we don’t hear much of in 2013 (please, let it be the last of them).

Honey Boo Boo

You lost me at "neck crust"

You lost me at “neck crust”

Why is this child famous?  No, seriously, why is this child famous?  I hadn’t heard of her until some of the girls were talking about her at one of Blair’s hockey games.  I didn’t have a clue who she was.  I flipped thru the tv channels until I found her and put her ridiculous show on for less than 5 minutes.  WTF?  People watch this?  What’s the point?  You can’t understand what they say, so even tho they’re speaking English, these hillbillies have subtitles.  I made it at far as “neck crust” and turned this trash off.  Junk!

Lindsay Lohan

Can you say "trainwreck"?

Can you say “trainwreck”?

Y’know…once upon a  time I liked Lindsay Lohan.  She was a talented and beautiful young lady who was going places and accomplishing things.  But, somewhere along her way, she lost direction.  I don’t fully blame Lindsay…I feel a little bad for her actually.  I think she was misguided as a youth.  I think her mother/parents wanted the fame more than Lindsay and she somehow, somewhere along the way, lost herself.

HOWEVER, Lindsay is no longer a youth.  She’s an adult.  She knows right from wrong.  She knows the consequences of her actions.  She must realize she’s making mistake after mistake after mistake.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, she’s been coddled all this time.  She’s continuously given chance after chance but hasn’t wised up.  If she were a regular Joe or Jane on the street she’d be serving hard(ish) time for her crimes.  Let’s forget that she was once a young, thriving actress and let her serve real jail time.  Because, let’s face it, eventually, if LiLo continues on her destructive path she’s either going to kill someone or herself.

Let’s stop publicizing all her dumbass mistakes, forget about her for awhile, and when she’s ready to act like a grown up and join the real world again, we’ll welcome her (maybe) back.  {Though, personally, I resent that she’s had this amazing opportunity these amazing opportunities – opportunities people have struggled and strived to get to in life – and she’s flushed it all down the toilet (or snorted it up her nose).}

Justin Bieber

My name is Justin.  I'm prettier than you.

My name is Justin. I’m prettier than you.

I have nothing against the Biebs.  He’s a talented kid.  He does great things for charities.  He’s Canadian (WHOMP!).  I’m just tired of seeing him everywhere.

The Kardashians

"We have no talent!"

“We have no talent!”

As with Honey Boo Boo, what are these girls famous for?  I get that they’re total media whores but did they do something to achieve their “fame”?  Have they contributed to society by working with charities, winning nobel prizes, accomplishing something?  Honestly, I just have no idea.  But I’m completely sick of hearing about them.

Kanye West

I AM A MEDIA WHORE!!!(And a mama's boy!)

(And a mama’s boy!)

Since I’m trying to get rid of the Kardashians, I thought it best to include Kanye West since he’s now knocked up one of them.

I don’t like Kanye West.  I never have.  I think he’s arrogant and an asshole.  And I lost any morsel of respect I may have had left for him after the whole Taylor Swift/MTV Awards hijack.  It just showed that A) he loves the limelight B) he doesn’t respect others B) he’s a dick.  Buh bye, Kanye.

Bey0nce & Rihanna

"*Ahem* We are not role models"

“*Ahem* We are not role models”

So, here’s the thing about these two:  I’ve tried to like them.  I actually like some of their music.  But there’s something about them that just bugs me.  Maybe it’s because they feel so inclined to run around half-dressed all the time (I’m looking at you too, Britney!).  If you feel you deserve your places in music then put some pants on and sing, dammit!  Stop acting like a hoochie and rely on your talent.  Beyonce, I heard you belt it out in Dreamgirls.  Please continue that.  You have talent, use it.  Pants. On. Please.

*And just a side note, although I’m not a fan of Rihanna, I think we should start giving that girl a break about the whole Chris Brown thing.  If she decides to carry on some sort of relationship with him, friendship or otherwise, it’s a choice and it may be a learning experience.  Remember, “to forgive, Divine.”

The Real Housewives

We're trash!

We’re trash!

I’ve never seen any of these “Real Housewives” shows but let’s face facts: is there anything real about these “reality” shows?  I watch the ads and I’m embarrassed for the lot of them.  Awful behaviour “ladies”!!!

Lady Gaga



Oh Gaga…here’s my beef with Lady Gaga.  She is ridiculously talented as a songwriter, musician and singer.  She has a beautiful voice and she is gorgeous and I get so irritated with her antics and publicity stunts.  I know why she does it but I hate.  I think she deserves more recognition as an artist than as an idiot.

Several years ago she sang as she played her piano on SNL and it was beautiful.  If she would just put all the outfits and craziness aside (and hey, feel free to put on some pants with Beyonce and Rihanna!) I would be a bigger fan.  She makes me sad.  I don’t want to see this talented person overshadowed by her public persona, or see her disappear completely, I want to see the real Gaga: Stefani Germannotta.

See?  She's so pretty!!

See? She’s so pretty!!

Is there anyone you’re hoping to see less of in 2013?


Girl Crush

I think it’s safe to say that every little girl has other girls she “crushes” on.  Girls and women they admire and strive to be like.  I’ve always had girls crushes.  I still have girl crushes.  I think the celebrated ladies in my life have been pretty good role models for me while growing up.  Although I was raised very well by wonderful parents, I also think the morals these gals and their characters maintained have helped me develop into the person I am.  I’m not giving them 100% credit because that would be ridiculous, but I I think it’s important for young girls to have good role models (the Abster likes Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan) to look up to – girls with manners and etiquette and cute and quirky; yet make mistakes and learn life lessons.  Below is my list of girl crushes thru my life:

Of course, my NUMBER 1 Girl Crush is and always will be reserved for my girl Drew Barrymore.  I’ve loved her since E.T.

Drew in the 90's

Drew in the 90’s

Growing up in the 80’s (and being limited to tv AND two channels) I fell in love with Alyssa Milano from the first second I watched “Who’s the Boss?” .  She was so cool…beginning as a tomboy and growing into a mature young woman with cute clothes and the best hair.  I grew up with Alyssa.  Some of the time I wanted to be her.  I loved her and I am still a fan.

On " Who's The Boss?"

On ” Who’s The Boss?”

Candace Cameron was my age when she played DJ Tanner on Full House.  She was also Kirk Cameron’s sister and that made her even cooler.

Ah...DJ Tanner...what a girl.

Ah…DJ Tanner…what a girl.

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty aka “90210”‘s Kelly and Brenda.  I think by now everyone knows of my adoration for the original 90210 and these two ladies (and Brandon and Dylan and Steve and….Nat!).  “90210” put 90’s role-modelling on the map!

Kelly & Brenda....my unrequited BFFs.

Kelly & Brenda….my unrequited BFFs.

My foray into my obsession with supermodels (and eventual spiral into eating disorders /weight obsession {https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/my-secret-obsession/} began with Cindy Crawford.  My aunt Donna introduced me to Cindy’s career when I was 13 or 14 and I’ve followed it ever since.  In spite of her film “Fair Game”…Lame Cindy….LAME.

The world's best supermodel

The world’s best supermodel

Kristy Swanson was the original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and she was cooler than shit!  My BFF Stephanie and I loved her.  But, now that I think of it, I think we loved the idea of Buffy and her kick-ass vampire-slaying more than Kristy herself.  I feel a little bad for Ms. Swanson because she’s a pretty good actress and she’s gorgeous and I think her career could have been a lot bigger.  She deserves more that those shitty made-for-tv movies and Skating with the Stars or whatever the hell it was called.

The original Buffy!

The original Buffy!

Alicia Silverstone was introduced to the world early 90’s via Aerosmith videos and “The Crush” but we really didn’t fall in love with her until “Clueless” in 1995.  Since then she’s stayed sugary sweet, had a bunch of cutsie movies (and a great show – Hello, “Miss Match”) and is the biggest vegan activist (and author) I know of.  Alicia is saving the (animal) world.

Miss Match should have been kept on the air.  Great show!

Miss Match should have been kept on the air. Great show!

Oh…”My So-Called Life.”  Remember Angela Chase?  Remember Jordan Catalano?  Don’t we all have our own personal version of Jordan Catalano?

Claire Danes gave a wonderful portrayal as the angst-ridden coming-of-age Angela.  And then as Juliet to Leonardo’s Romeo (which solidified my love for Claire even more.)  She has come a long way but still seems very grounded.  Gnarly.

"Don't you just love the way he leans??" ~Angela Chase

“Don’t you just love the way he leans??”
~Angela Chase

I first saw a modelling photo of Milla Jovovich when she was 13…which means I would’ve been 12.  I thought she was absolutely striking.  What a beautiful girl.  Then I saw her in “Kuffs” (Christian Slater!) in ’92 and “Dazed & Confused” (Cole Hauser!!!) in ’93 but my serious girl-crushing on her didn’t start until the “Resident Evil’ movies.  This girl is kick-ass!

Milla Jovovich

Lindsay Price.  She played An Li on All My Children and was semi-annoying.  But once she got to Beverly Hills (“90210”) I started to girl crush on her.  But the serious girl crushing came when she moved to “Eastwick” and played journalist Joanna Frankel (https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/reviving-eastwick/).


Zooey Deschanel is quirk-a-licious.  She’s funny and she’s beautiful and she can sing and she’s so damn funny and she has the best style.  I love this girl.  Loved her in “Almost Famous.”  Loved her even more in “Elf.”  Totally girl-crushing on her in “The New Girl” (one of my new favorite shows – after “Grimm” of course).  Oh, and she has the cutest blog (http://hellogiggles.com/) with live bunny cams.  HOW ADORABLE IS THAT??  (Oh, and she comes in a close second to Shannen Doherty for best bangs.)

My girl crush on Zooey and her style and her humor is the inspiration for this post.

The New Girl is the IT girl!

The New Girl is the IT girl!

So there you have it…my timeline of girl crushes throughout my life.


*LAME NOTE/AKA SIX DEGREES: in 1992 Drew Barrymore starred in the short-lived 2000 Malibu Road produced by Aaron Spelling.  Aaron Spelling also produced Beverly Hills, 90210 starring Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty and Lindsay Price.  Lindsay Price starred in Eastwick.  Luke Perry starred with Kristy Swanson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Shannen Doherty starred in Charmed with Alyssa Milano (also produced by Aaron Spelling).  Alyssa Milano starred with Scott Bloom in Who’s the Boss? and with Scott’s brother Brian Bloom in Dance ’til Dawn and Crash Course (and they also dated). Brian Bloom also starred in 2000 Malibu Road (with Drew Barrymore) and Desperate for Love with Christian Slater (along with Veronica Cartwright who starred with Lindsay Price in Eastwick).  Christian Slater also starred Heathers with Shannend Doherty and in Kuffs with Milla Jovovich .  Milla starred in Dazed & Confused with Cole Hauser who starred in White Swan with Christian Slater.  Alicia Silverstone and Alyssa Milano were both offered parts on 90210 but turned them down.  Alyssa, however, moved to Melrose Place which is produced by Aaron Spelling.

(This goes on and on and on….I’m just getting warmed up.  But, you get the idea.  I’m a beacon for useless information…especially when it comes to celebrities.)

Kicking Off 2013

Oh what a day!  Today was my first day back to work.  It’s been freezing cold and windy the last few days so last night I left my cell phone on to use that alarm clock as a back up in case the wind knocked out the power and messed up my regular alarm.   Well, I woke up uber early and began the ritual of getting ready for work.  Everything was done and I was heading out early as I had an errand I wanted to run this morning.  However, it’s just my luck that when I tried to start my car it wouldn’t go.  My battery sputtered and spit and chugged but it wouldn’t turn the engine on.  It was minus 26 (at least) with the windchill and the damn thing was frozen!!

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

F$%!ing car!!!  I called Angie Whoreface and begged a ride from her.  She loves me so it was no problem (but I owe her big time!) and we almost made it to work on time.  Almost.

The rest of the day went off nearly without a hitch.  I kept my employer (Miss) in stitches by quoting “Friends” as we moved and set up new office furniture (she nearly collapsed in giggles when I quoted Ross’s “PIVOT.  PIVOT!!”).    Until….*sigh* until we were working on a desk.  We had it tipped up on its side so it was easier to maneuver as we put it together.  But not thinking, Miss unscrewed a grommet from her end and the rest of the desk collapsed….right on my foot.

broken foot

I’m fairly certain there’s a broken bone in there.  It feels like it.  Poor Miss tho…she was so upset.  I had to laugh it off otherwise I would have cried.  “It’s okay to cry” she said.  Unfortunately, had I started I probably wouldn’t have stopped. Ah well.  It looks better than the last time I thought I broke my foot:

Now this hurt!

Now this hurt!

Tomorrow can only get better right?  RIGHT???