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Kicking Off 2013

Oh what a day!  Today was my first day back to work.  It’s been freezing cold and windy the last few days so last night I left my cell phone on to use that alarm clock as a back up in case the wind knocked out the power and messed up my regular alarm.   Well, I woke up uber early and began the ritual of getting ready for work.  Everything was done and I was heading out early as I had an errand I wanted to run this morning.  However, it’s just my luck that when I tried to start my car it wouldn’t go.  My battery sputtered and spit and chugged but it wouldn’t turn the engine on.  It was minus 26 (at least) with the windchill and the damn thing was frozen!!

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

Yes, I look this good in the freezing cold morning

F$%!ing car!!!  I called Angie Whoreface and begged a ride from her.  She loves me so it was no problem (but I owe her big time!) and we almost made it to work on time.  Almost.

The rest of the day went off nearly without a hitch.  I kept my employer (Miss) in stitches by quoting “Friends” as we moved and set up new office furniture (she nearly collapsed in giggles when I quoted Ross’s “PIVOT.  PIVOT!!”).    Until….*sigh* until we were working on a desk.  We had it tipped up on its side so it was easier to maneuver as we put it together.  But not thinking, Miss unscrewed a grommet from her end and the rest of the desk collapsed….right on my foot.

broken foot

I’m fairly certain there’s a broken bone in there.  It feels like it.  Poor Miss tho…she was so upset.  I had to laugh it off otherwise I would have cried.  “It’s okay to cry” she said.  Unfortunately, had I started I probably wouldn’t have stopped. Ah well.  It looks better than the last time I thought I broke my foot:

Now this hurt!

Now this hurt!

Tomorrow can only get better right?  RIGHT???



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  1. Happy new year!

    January 13, 2013 at 5:41 pm

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