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Mop Bucket

In my previous post I made mention of how my former employer was super sweet yet extremely intimidating.  So, here’s a little story.

I’ve always been outgoing, chatty, friendly.  But I get intimidated.  I DO NOT like making eye contact with people…not even some of my closest friends.  And if I’m accosted in this manner and am not able to break away from their stupid eye contact I usually just end up laughing.  I’m surprised I haven’t been punched yet.

Anyway, back in my early Tim Horton’s coffee-serving days I was sorta shy and nervous….especially around the boss man.  He comes across as kind of gruff….but, like I said, he is a darling and he’s sort of goofy.

So, one day, in between busy streaks, I was out in the back of the store filling up the mop bucket (which, btw, I hated and tried to pawn this task onto everyone).  The hallway to the mop sink is very long and narrow with shelves of product aligning both sides the four miles all the way down.  So, as I’m heading up the hallway to go mop the damn floor Boss Man comes down the hall toward me.  I’m darting my eyes to the floor, to the yellow brick road laid before me, to the mop bucket….anywhere, as long as I could avoid looking at this scary man.  As I get closer to him I attempt to scrunch up my shoulders thinking that will help me with evading him in this narrow hallway.  Suddenly, he darts in front of me…so I try to sideline him but he stays in my way.  Then he backs me into a shelf and gets right in my face and says “Man your eyes are blue!  They real?”  I nearly shit my pants!

Free wine at weddings makes one pose funny.

Free wine at weddings makes one pose funny.


Had I not been terrified of this man back then and remained with my smartass way of living I would/should have tapped on my eye and said “Nah, it’s glass.” and kept on walking.  Unfortunately, I was so terrified at that moment that I simply mustered “uh, yeah.” and pushed by him with the mop





3 responses

  1. Great blue eyes! I imagine thye can get lots of attention. I have blue eyes and when my face gets sunburned I swear they actually glow. …You’ll hav to wear sunglasses to work I guess.

    March 5, 2013 at 8:57 am

    • When I cry my eyes look alien. And when I’m tanned they do pop. If you go back in my blog a few months you’ll see that I had surgery on my eye not too long ago. I cried A LOT that day and my eyes were definitely popping. 😉

      March 5, 2013 at 8:59 am

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