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Free Cat

I have been suggesting getting an office kitty. It’s being contemplated. And this morning a friend posted the following ad on his Facebook and we are having a good chuckle in my office over it. I think it sounds like a perfect fit:

“Anyone looking for a really great cat? He’s all black and Siamese I think, howls profusely at 6am every morning, attacks people at random, 5 years old and still can’t figure out what that litter box is for, likes pissing in bath tubs and shitting on floors, will start fights with other cats only if they don’t fight back, oh I could go on longer but you get the point. Any takers? I’ll cut a great deal on this rare specimen of an animal. His name is Jack, but won’t respond to anything but food.”


Ant takers?



One response

  1. That picture is hilarious!

    April 18, 2013 at 3:27 pm

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