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Flour Child (or Stupid Mistakes You Make When You’re 14)

When I was in junior high my friend, Becca had a no-parent-in-attendance sleepover. There were 4 of us girls in attendance: Becca, Me, Becky and Cate, but no parents. We were all pretty good kids, non-troublemakers, and our parents either trusted us or else we lied and said there would be parents. I can’t remember.

During our lame night of being 14 (Becca was 15) we watched movies, gossiped and ate junk food – typical for a sleepover in the 90’s. We had been prepared to make a pizza from scratch and veg out in front of the tube. So, we gathered in the kitchen, prepared our toppings and began mixing the dough. And then it started. Someone initiated a flour fight. Not a food fight, but a flour fight. And it got crazy. White powder was everywhere. We nutty little girls were covered in it…head to toe. Including in my eye. So, in a 14 year old semi-panic I feverishly began to flush the flour out. FLUSH. As in use water. Y’know what happens when flour and water mix? Obviously I was not thinking. Then I realized “Aw shit! I have dough in my eye.” It is thoroughly disgusting pulling long strings of dough out of one’s eye. And just when you think you’ve gotten it all out, two days later more strings of dough from deep under your eyeball will emerge and ooze out of your face.

(*note, this is not my cat.  Winston would be pissed)

(*note, this is not my cat. Winston would be pissed)

So, note to all you 14 year old girls (or anyone who generally likes a good food fight), be sure not to include flour in your fight. And if you do include flour and it gets in your eye(s), be sure to not attempt to flush said flour from eye. Just maybe stand in front of a fan with your eyes taped open.



4 responses

  1. Dave

    Lol I can’t believe my flour in the eye search came up with results.

    AlthoughI do have to say that flushing it out is probably better than the fan trick. I work in a bakery and have had that happen from time to time, I think it’s best to flush with water or eye drops but I’m not really sure.

    maybe I should ask my docter to be sure I don’t go blind one day

    November 3, 2014 at 9:40 am

    • Heeey Dave! I’m glad your search came up with results too.
      I’m not sure what the fan trick is but the water was definitely a no-no.

      November 3, 2014 at 9:07 pm

  2. Chocolate is much tastier to clean up…a girlfriend and I did that at camp one year when we were so tired. We kept it to our skin though. So, next time you need a good food fight among friends, I recommend chocolate;-)

    November 17, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    • Haha. I’ll keep that in mind. Chocolate doesn’t usually last long enough tho. :p

      November 17, 2014 at 11:03 pm

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