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Favorite TV Moments of the Week

I am lame. And because I am lame I am posting my two favorite TV moments of this past week.

#1 – Monday night I was at Amy Whoreface’s to watch the series finale of 90210 (because I felt I owed it to the original series to watch the redux). While Ames and I were chillin’ on the couch, gossiping, waiting for the show to start we had the TV running in the background. The latest Old Navy ad came on…the one with Boyz II Men. Amy said “That little girl creeps me out.” I hadn’t really paid much attention to the commercial before but when it ran again during the next round of ads I watched.

(The little girl comes on at 15 seconds in)

I laughed my ass off. That little girl reminds me of all the creepy little girls in Japanese horror films (The Ring {Ringu}, The Grudge, etc. And now, everytime that ad pops onto the screen I’m in stitches. Creepy. But funny.

#2 – I love me some New Girl. I think the show is quirky and offbeat and hysterical..and Zooey Deschanel is the shizz. So, the other night I was watching the season finale with CeCe’s wedding. During her traditional Indian ceremony, as she’s walking down the aisle to traditional Indian music, the antics ensued: The Indian music abruptly stops and “Cotton Eyed Joe” starts playing. Spontaneously. Loudly.** (I tried to insert a video of the scene but my video program apparently is not compatible with WordPress and I’m not technologically advanced enough to figure it out. Sorry, y’all.) The moment was instantly hilarious. The look on Zooey’s And Schmidt’s) face has had me rewinding and replaying numerous times. And what follows is Nick’s relentless fist pumping to CEJ because “It’s so catchy!” Very Effing Funny.

New Girl


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