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Yes, I’m a Princess!

My boss knows me well.  I’ve called her to come kill bugs (she gathers them up and releases them outside.  Hello….they’re just gonna make their way back inside!!).  I’ve called my neighbors, my friends, my boyfriend….whoever is around, I will beckon him/her/them to kill anything with more than 4 legs (8 LEGS ARE THE WORST!!  I’ve jumped out of (slow) moving vehicles to avoid being in the same vicinity).   I don’t like them.  I don’t want to save them.  I know that we are to respect all of God’s creatures but I reallllly don’t like bugs.   I reiterate: Kill them a lot.

Dead bug

I don’t know how I ever made it thru my childhood.  How did I ever go camping all those summers?  I mean, I absolutely love butterflies but I don’t want one of the damn things landing on me!  Nature is beautiful…..as long as I don’t have to be in it.  😉



OHMIGOD HEATHER – WE HIT A HAND!!!! (Possible Redux)

I’m not sure if I’ve told this story here before….I’ve told it so many times over the years and it never fails to get a laugh.


So, my story starts off kind of sad….when I was in college, my accounting prof was dealing with depression, apparent alcoholism, etc.  And on Christmas Eve of that year he took his life.  A sad situation indeed.  And this put our class, the staff, the school in a bind because it was obviously something unexpected and the school needed to find us another accounting instructor.  Eventually they did for the remaining semester but when the new semester began, a completely different instructor was hired and things sort of just got out of hand.  And our class was waaaaay behind.

When the semester ended and everyone else was finished school, working, on practicums, or simply on vacation, our class was stuck at school for weeks doing nothing but accounting.  All.Day.Long.

My school BFF Heather (H.Bo) and I, aside from being in class together, were also student council reps, assistant co-pres,co-chairs of the social committee and co-chairs of most committees the school offered, including the awards committee, commencement committee, etc. etc.  So, the two of us were basically in school from 8am – 11pm every day.  In between spending hours in the lab working on our accounting and going to meetings, I also had physio daily (for the ankle I’d broken to bits weeks before), so I was dropping everything to be at the hospital for my appointments then returning to school to tend to everything else.  It was exhausting.   For both of us.

So, one evening, after a very looong day at school, Heather and I headed out to grab a bite for dinner (we spent a lot of time at the BK Lounge back then).  We were very tired and the mood very solemn.  We hadn’t said a word to each other in many, many minutes (other than to give our order at BK) from sheer exhaustion.  But as we were heading back to school something came over me; I threw my arm out the passenger side window and let my hand slap against the windshield and screamed “OHMIGOD HEATHER….WE HIT A HAND!!!!

At first, Heather’s reaction was one of “WTF???” but then she and I both burst out laughing.  Hysterically.  It broke the mood, reenergized us and I think we continued to laugh for the next three days.

You can read about the Things I Learned in College here.


Drool-Worthy Food

Last Friday eve I had a girls’ night din-din with some friends.  We went to this great little GastroPub in my neighborhood.  (It’s actually the place where Blair and I had our first date….awwwww.)

I’ve eaten/boozed there a bunch of times but haven’t been in quite a while.  But back in May when I had that really icky flu I saw a photo in my Facebook feed and, although I couldn’t keep water down at the time and preferred to stay under my covers with a 20 lb kitty purring lovingly beside me, I decided that when I was feeling better I would eventually make it to the Pub and grab this dish.

What was this drool-inspiring food that got me all worked up?  Lobster Poutine.

Port Pub Lobster Poutine

Port Pub Lobster Poutine

If you are not from Canada you may not be familiar with this Canadian favorite of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, but believe me, if you haven’t tried it, you MUST.  Yeah, it’s not the healthiest option on the menu but I wouldn’t expect one to eat it every day.  In all its ooey-gooey mess, it’s a splurge.

The Lobster Poutine, however, is a bit of a different take: fries, chunks of lobster, cheese curds and lobster sauce. It was delicious.

I don’t expect to have this treat again very soon but it’s tempting.  Blair and I celebrate our 5-year anniversary next month so maybe then.  But it was so rich and divine that I don’t want to spoil how fantastic it was by eating it, or variations of it, often.

I do expect hope encourage you, if you are not familiar with poutine in any variation, to try it.   As Danny Wood said in the New Kids on the Block’s home video back in 1989 “Try it.  You might like it.”


PS – Don’t dis the New Kids.


Tom Skerritt is Fine!

Remember Picket Fences?  That quirky melodrama from the 90’s that launched the career of Holly Marie Combs?  Well, I loved it.  So, a few weeks ago I decided to re-watch the entire series.  And although I’ve just scraped the surface of Season 3 (there were 4 seasons), I’ve fallen in love all over again.


David E. Kelley is brilliant.  The writing is excellent: the show serves as a PSA for almost every topic under the sun (including medicine/science, religion(s), law, race, sex) while touching on the relationships of family, friends, coworkers and community.  And the casting is superb.  Fyvush Finkel will make you laugh as well as break your heart, Zelda Rubenstein is sweet and tough and funny, Kathy Baker, HMC, Lauren Holly, Don Cheadle, Costos Mandylor (who could have used a few more acting lessons whilst filming this show), Kelly Connell, and My Favorite Martian‘s Ray Walston.  But, the apple of my eye in this show is, was and always has been Sherriff Jimmy Brock aka Tom Skerritt.  The man is fine.

Sherriff Brock

Blair and I had a chat about this last night when I mentioned that my other future-husband, Harrison Ford, celebrated his 71st birthday last week.  I stated that next month Tom Skerritt will be 80.  EIGHTY!!!  And the dude is still hot.  Blair told me I was gross.  Whatevs.  Tom Skerritt is hot.

So yeah, back in the Picket Fences day I had a huge day-dreamy crush on Mr. Skerritt (although I think we should be friends, in this case I actually am not comfortable yet addressing him by his first name – unlike my other future friends: Drew, Harrison, Norman, Cole).  I found him bright and sexy.  I could understand why Drew wanted to seduce him in Poison Ivy – although that movie scarred my 15 year old self – hello, Hot Dad!!



The man was voted one of People’s Most Beautiful:


AND he got his own Guess? ad, which we know, back in the 90’s, was a humdinger of a thing.  Guess? ads put people on the map!


(**Note: I had both of these plastered on my wall back then…)

He is like a fine wine and has only gotten better with age (no seriously, check him out as a younger version of himself – potential dorkiness):

Young Tom

And can embrace a Movember mustache every day of the year.

"I'm sexy and I know it."

“I’m sexy and I know it.”

And Mr. Skerritt is still working.  He’s had two releases in 2013 and is currently filming.  You can check out his IMDB bio HERE.  In the meantime I’m going to sit at my desk and reminisce about my youth, Picket Fences and my future friendship with Mr. Tom Skerritt.


Songs of My Youth

Back in the summer of 1991 when I was a mere 8th grader, I fell in love with a song of the summer….I’ll Be There by The Escape Club.

The song was probably the saddest I’d heard….I think it’s still the saddest today, right up there with Pull Me Through by Jim Cuddy. It’s a terribly heart-breaking song and it and the movie “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” are the two things that remind me of that summer…if nothing else, I have those two memories.

Back in that summer, long before iTunes and downloading music, I would sit in my room Sunday mornings and listen to the weekly countdown with my stereo ready so that I could record the songs I liked. I had a little notepad which I would write the name of the song and the artist(s) and then I would either color-code or number the tape (yes, tape, not CD, not MP3) with the corresponding song list. I was very cool.

But I loved that song. I fell in love with The Escape Club. The song resonated with me deeply at the time as a neighborhood kid had died after being hit by a car while riding his bike. He’s just graduated. To me, at that time, this song was meant for him. I cried every time I heard it. I have thought about the song here and there but hadn’t heard it in so many years (although I still have all of those mixed tapes, I need to find a decent tape deck that will play songs smoothly without dragging or unwinding them). Then one day a week or so ago it sorta just popped into my head. Not necessarily the song or the melody but the memory of it. And yesterday I downloaded it. As soon as it started those feelings came welling back up. Those sad, heartbreaking feelings of loneliness and loss and devastation were right there on the surface and before I knew it there were tears in my eyes.

It’s funny how our minds and our hearts work like that. A song I haven’t listened to in close to 20 years still has the same emotional impact on me as it did back in 1991.

And I guess it seemed sort of fitting that I played that song on a morning when I woke to news that another young musical talent has left this world. RIP Cory Monteith. You helped change the world’s views on school choirs and glee clubs.

Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

. I have been proud to be a Gleek.


Say Whaatt?

I’ve heard some dumb and funny things this last week. And in lack of anything else to write about I’ve decided to post the best comments of the week.

1) By far, the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time:

Last week I was standing next to a group of people, all parents, all in their late 20’s-early 30’s. One of the ladies, while holding her daughter, said to the group: “Girls run in my family so by sure I’m gonna have a girl.” Um…..that’s not how that works.

2) My friend (and fellow asshole) Jaime and I went on a road trip this past weekend and stayed at a hotel. Our room number was 710. We’d gathered our bags and got on the elevator and just before the door closed Jaime hollered to the concierge and reception “What floor is room 710 on?” They both looked at her like she was stupid (naturally) and the three of us dryly replied “Seven.” Ohmergerd.

Duh, stupidity leak

Duh, stupidity leak

3) My adorable 5 year old nephew, A. loves to antagonize my mother for her fear of snakes. One day last week he said to her “I want to have a pet boa constrictor.” My mother, in disgust, said “Ew…why would you want one of those things as a pet? Why wouldn’t you want a pet kitty??” Nephew quickly replies “I’m allergic to cats.”

4) Back to Jaime again…in the evening at our hotel I was jonesing for something sweet so we walked down to Dairy Queen (apparently the only place to get ice cream in that area!). Jaime wanted a waffle cone with sauce (or something) on it. The clerk behind the counter didn’t understand exactly what she wanted so instead of figuring out to just add “extra stuff” per the menu board he simply said nope, he can’t do it. Jaime says “That’s ReDQulous.”

5) Back to adorable nephew, A…as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve had bronchitis. Midway thru it I had laryngitis for several days and on a Sunday I’d lost my voice completely. This was a day that I had to participate in a family gathering. I did my best not to talk much but when my nephews arrived my mom told A. to ask me something and then, upon hearing my scratchy, non-existing voice she told him “Aunt Sandy has a frog in her throat.” A. got me to open my mouth so that he could inspect my throat. He said “I don’t see it.” Cute. We all had a chuckle. A bit later, A. leaned into my mom and asked “Did she really eat a frog?”


Happy Canada Day

happy canada day1

To all my Canadian peeps, Happy Canada Day. Enjoy the festivities and celebrate this rockin’ country!
Because I’m taking part in this national party, here are a few facts about Canada to peruse:

– Canada is the second largest country in the world, with 9,971,000 square kilometers of land.
– The baseball glove was invented in Canada in 1883.
– Contrary to popular opinion, Canada does not own the North Pole. In fact, the North Pole is not owned by any country. It is believed, however, that Santa Claus is from Canada.
– Canada is the home of many great inventions, including: basketball, hockey, the electric light bulb, the electric range, kerosene, IMAX film system, insulin, the electron microscope, standard time, the television, the telephone, the snowmobile and the zipper.
– Canada has the world’s highest tertiary education enrollment.

I tip my toque to you as I’m off to chow down on Poutine, eh.