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I was going to post a redux on Bad First Dates but I decided that you can just go check it out yourself (*spoiler* there are lots of bad words in there) because I’m tired and thirsty and pissed off that I took a vacation day tomorrow and it’s been gorgeous sunny 30 degree weather all week but I have to spend my morning getting xrays and then it’s gonna rain. Not cool, Mother Nature, not cool at all. Bitch.

Anyway, this weekend is my anniversary with my honey bunch and hopefully the weather will eff off and give us at least one day of sunshine.

I’ll keep you posted. Maybe.

Enjoy your weekend.


PS – the comments in the redux link are kinda funny too.


Today you get a Two-fer because I was busy lazy yesterday and didn’t have the opportunity to post an introduction to another cool Canadian band. So today you get to meet The Killjoys and Bedouin Soundclash.

The Killjoys were cool in 1997. They had a big hit, Soaked, and were on constant rotation on Much Music. I have no idea what the band or its members are doing now but Soaked was a really groovy hit:

You can learn a little more about The Killjoys here.

Initially when I first heard Bedouin Soundclash I thought they sounded like Simon & Garfunkel back in the day. Their song, When the Night Feels My Song is my favorite. In fact, at my cousin Tanya’s birthday party a few years ago the song was played at the pub we were at and she and I harmonized together and did pretty fabtastic duet. What can I say? We rocked ‘er out.

Check out Bedouin Soundclash webpage.



Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip (or simply referred to as The Hip by fab fans) are a Canadian favorite. The band formed in 1983 and have maintained a crazy cult fan following. There’s something in Gord Downie’s sometimes shakey-quakey voice that will hook you from the start.

I kind of ignored The Hip when I was in my mid-teens…I didn’t think they were “my type” of music but to be honest, I hadn’t really given them a chance. Then when I did I ended up borrowing (aka stealing) my brother’s CD and played it on rotation for days. (Yes, I still have the CD. This is probably why people shouldn’t lend me things…then again, he didn’t lend it…I simply took it from his room without his knowledge or permission. *big grin*)

Anyway, I’ve seen The Hip in concert a few times are they certainly put on a great show. And they’re a favorite for local bands to cover. I’m recommending them so check them out.

A few favorites:
New Orleans is Sinking

Blow at High Dough

Wheat Kings

You can read more about The Tragically Hip here or check out their website http://www.thehip.com/

Daniel Powter

In continuing with introductions to Canadian musicians, please meet Daniel Powter.

Hmm...something tells me we're meant to be friends

Hmm…something tells me we’re meant to be friends

Powter had a fairly big hit in 2005 – “Bad Day” – but has stayed sort of under the radar since. Until now, that is. His latest “Crazy All My Life” is so damn catchy that I’m finding myself singing all the time….although, sometimes it’s just the voices in my head.


Check out Powter’s official webpage.



The Odds are a quirky little band that had a semi-big hit in 1996 titled “Someone Who Is Cool.” It was a catchy song and fit right in to the mid-90’s psychedelic-matte club look that reflected Donna Martin’s first-year-of-college wardrobe (read: tacky).

But my favorite song from this band is one that I stumbled upon during a college party and it still induces giggles from its not-quite-shocking-but-certainly-not-expected lyrics. (Y’all gotta listen…LISTEN.)

After experiencing some success underground and mainstream, the band took a hiatus for about 8 years but regrouped in 2008 and are continuing to work, produce music and tour.


RIP James Gray

It was a shocker yesterday when I heard of James Gray’s sudden death. Mr. Gray was the former keyboardist for Blue Rodeo. Gray suffered a fatal heart attack while walking home after a performance in Toronto on Monday. He was 52. Those who know me know that I am huge Blue Rodeo fan. I love them. They’re my favorite band (to the point where friends have been sending me condolence emails and messages on Gray’s passing. And that I read of his death on Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem’s Facebook wall).

James Gray

RIP James. You were a great Canadian talent.

In honor of his passing I’m going to introduce (or, for some, reintroduce) you to some great Canadian music. You’ve probably heard of Bryan Adams (I mean, who hasn’t??), Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Corey Hart, The Band (at least a good portion is Canadian), Bieber (although, some of us are trying to forget this one)…but I’m sure there are tons of great Canadian artists out there that you haven’t heard of. And Canadian music, although not thought of as mainstream, is friggin’ rockin’!

So, that being said, for Mr. Gray, here is one of my favorite Blue Rodeo songs.

Stay tuned….

Happy Shark Week

Shark Week


Well Peeps…it’s Shark Week 2013 – which I find very exciting – and to kick off the Shark celebration I decided to deviate from my John Grisham books to re-read JAWS once again.  I read it every couple of summers and I figured, hell, this is as good a time as any.

Jaws BookI love this book.  It’s an easy read and a book you just can’t seem to put down.  Although it’s quite different from the movie, I still love it.  But seriously, nothing will really ever top JAWS….not even Sharknado (insert joke here).  In honor of Shark Week, the powers-that-be should consider airing Sharknado once again*…y’know…just for a good laugh.

*Note: As much as I love Ian Ziering and would love him to recap his role of Steve Sanders (or anything else for that matter), I could not, would not bring myself to watch Sharknado…that disaster of a movie.  However, if I can view it for what it is: A comedy/parody, I may be able to sit thru it.  ……………….. On second thought….probably not.

I also decided that today, being a gorgeous August scorcher, I would go swimming.  In a pool.  Surrounded by chlorine and walls and tons of people.  No sharks.  But I thought of them.

So, now that the Shark Week kickoff is near, I’m going to sit with a glass of white wine (in honor of the great white shark – duh!), wearing my H&M JAWS t-shirt:

Jaws shirt

And sit in awe and admiration of the giant machines we’ve been bread to fear.

Nothing quite as beautiful as a shark breaching

Nothing quite as beautiful as a shark breaching

Sometimes I wish they could be a little more like this so I wouldn’t be afraid of the water:



Happy Shark Week, y’all!!



My Friends are Cornballs WITH Me

The other night I was in my living room and heard this crazy booming.  It sounded like thunder but not.  it was very BOOM-ish.  It reminded me of the tripods in War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise version).  I called Blair and made him stay on the phone with me while I went outside.  Didn’t see any fireworks.  Didn’t see any lightening.  Didn’t see any tripods.

My friend Tanya lives two houses down so I sent her a text message.  Our conversation is below (this is why I love my friends!):

Sandy:  Hey Tanya…it’s Sandy.  Are you home?

Tanya: Hi. Yes I’m home. Fell asleep early, just got your message.  What’s up?

Sandy: No biggie.  Was wondering if that noise last night was thunder, fireworks or aliens. 🙂

Tanya: I was in dream land and didn’t hear anything.  Wonder what it was.

Sandy: Sounded like fireworks in Town but I’m going with Aliens.

Tanya: ….Yup!  Probably aliens.