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RIP James Gray

It was a shocker yesterday when I heard of James Gray’s sudden death. Mr. Gray was the former keyboardist for Blue Rodeo. Gray suffered a fatal heart attack while walking home after a performance in Toronto on Monday. He was 52. Those who know me know that I am huge Blue Rodeo fan. I love them. They’re my favorite band (to the point where friends have been sending me condolence emails and messages on Gray’s passing. And that I read of his death on Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem’s Facebook wall).

James Gray

RIP James. You were a great Canadian talent.

In honor of his passing I’m going to introduce (or, for some, reintroduce) you to some great Canadian music. You’ve probably heard of Bryan Adams (I mean, who hasn’t??), Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Corey Hart, The Band (at least a good portion is Canadian), Bieber (although, some of us are trying to forget this one)…but I’m sure there are tons of great Canadian artists out there that you haven’t heard of. And Canadian music, although not thought of as mainstream, is friggin’ rockin’!

So, that being said, for Mr. Gray, here is one of my favorite Blue Rodeo songs.

Stay tuned….


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