Welcome to SANDYLAND!!


Today you get a Two-fer because I was busy lazy yesterday and didn’t have the opportunity to post an introduction to another cool Canadian band. So today you get to meet The Killjoys and Bedouin Soundclash.

The Killjoys were cool in 1997. They had a big hit, Soaked, and were on constant rotation on Much Music. I have no idea what the band or its members are doing now but Soaked was a really groovy hit:

You can learn a little more about The Killjoys here.

Initially when I first heard Bedouin Soundclash I thought they sounded like Simon & Garfunkel back in the day. Their song, When the Night Feels My Song is my favorite. In fact, at my cousin Tanya’s birthday party a few years ago the song was played at the pub we were at and she and I harmonized together and did pretty fabtastic duet. What can I say? We rocked ‘er out.

Check out Bedouin Soundclash webpage.



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