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A Foot-in-Mouth Moment

Many years ago I had a friend approach me about a job. She was a manager of a local drug store and asked me if I would come work for her part-time for the Christmas season in the cosmetic department. I was already working full-time as a supervisor for another company and my shifts were normally 5am-2pm and really didn’t want to take on another job. But she begged me and said I was the only person she knew who used and knew how to apply makeup so I told her I would do it if they could schedule around my already existing schedule. No problem.

So, I was working 7 days a week – Monday – Friday I was working my regular full time shifts; then some evenings I would work from late afternoon (basically giving me enough time to get home, shower and change clothes) til store close at 9 – getting me out of the store between 9:30/10pm – and then I’d have weekend shifts at the drug store. I was tired and cranky. But I enjoyed the job for the most part.

One Friday night I left work extremely cranky. I was supposed to go to a Christmas party but was unable because of my shift and because of a wee snow storm (turns out no one made it to the party anyway so my crankiness was all for naught – yes, I just said “naught”). I had worked extra long that day and when I left work at 10pm I was starving so I decided to pull into Subway to grab a sandwich to take home. The snow was coming down but the storm had let up for the most part. As I was walking toward the restaurant door a young guy came out and slipped in the snow going ass-over-tea-kettle.

Me, being kind of a jerk and also being surprised at what had just happened, burst out laughing (as I am laughing now as I type this). It was the funniest thing. I felt bad but at the same time it was freakin’ hilarious. Anyway, he got back up, held the door for me as I entered the restaurant.

I got my sub and went back to my car. As I was getting ready to back out of my spot I saw the guy jump out of his car and come running toward me. Holy F..K!!! I thought. I’m gonna get my ass kicked.

Dude came right up to my car and started knocking on my window. I was terrified. I didn’t know what would happen next: if he was going to stab me in the eye or smash my window. My door was locked but I rolled down my window a tiny bit so he could talk (I was ready for a verbal ass-whooping). He said “I’m sorry, I just think you are so beautiful and I waited for you to come back out so I could come over and ask you out.” WTF? Whaaaat??

This dude was so sweet (and cute). Even tho I’d laughed at him after he face plowed into the snow he totally pulled a Lloyd Dobler.

Although he nearly made me shit my pants from thinking some psycho was going to tear me a new one, he actually turned my night around.



3 responses

  1. “and because of a wee snow storm (turns out no one made it to the party anyway so my crankiness was all for naught”
    Was it a moo point? 😉

    September 18, 2013 at 11:13 am

    • It’s like a cow’s opinion. 🙂

      September 18, 2013 at 11:21 am

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