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Lame End of Summer Blog Challenge – Day #1

So, after I posted earlier that I was looking for some inspiration (which I still am), my girl Tanya commented on how we should participate in another blog challenge (as we participated in one a few years ago).  I thought it was a great idea!   So we decided on the cool name (above) and found a good Challenge to follow.

Day 1: List 10 Random Facts about Yourself

1 – I believe in love at first sight

2 – My favorite color is yellow

3 – I am eating a peach
4 – I just took my Steve Madden heels off and my feet STINK!!
5 – Right now there are clothes hanging all around my house b/c I’m lazy and there isn’t enough room in my closets
6 – My goal for this week is to hang up all my clothes
7 – I have a mini crush on that skinny kid from Mortal Instruments
This kid - Jamie Campbell Bower

This kid – Jamie Campbell Bower

8 – I always wish on falling stars
9 – Someone yelled hi to me today on my lunch and I tripped on the curb nothing
10 – I get A LOT of junk mail for penile growth and enlargement
Alreighty…so there ya go.  First day complete.  Anyone else up for the Challenge?  Krystal? Andy? Thoughtsy? Dara? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?  If you’re up for it and want the list, message me and I will send it off.

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