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Day #3 – What is the Greatest Amount of Physical Pain You Have Ever Endured?

What is the greatest amount of physical pain I have ever endured?

Yikes…what a question.  I mean, after reading my earlier post from today I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m pretty clumsy and I get hurt a lot.  So, let me narrow it down to probably the top 3:

#3 – When I was in the 6th grade I fell off the monkey bars and crushed my left arm.  Technically the bones weren’t crushed but the bones were broken in such a fashion that one set slid under the other set so that my arm,when looking at it was flat and partially concave. It was pretty gross.   Because I’d just eaten lunch (half a hot dog) the doctor wasn’t permitted to do surgery right away so I had to lay in the hospital bed for about 6 hours before I was finally wheeled down to surgery.  Being 12 years old, this was a pretty difficult task.  On top of this, because everyone was focused on my arm no one bothered to check for other injuries (aside from head injury, of course) and it wasn’t til several days later and once home from the hospital that I was taken back to the doctor and determined to have a bunch of broken ribs too.  See…..clutzy, told, ya.

#2 – When I was in high school I cut my finger on one of those ever-sharp type knives – you know, the ones that sharpen every time you put it back in its holder.  I tripped on a mat in our kitchen and put my hands on the counter to brace myself – not thinking “hey shit, there’s a knife in my hand” – and slid the knife over the other hand.  I cut my thumb and my pointer finger almost off.  Literally.  Bloooooood everywhere.  I cut thru the vein and partially into the bone and every time my heart beat blood spurted up like a beautiful red fountain.  *barf*

#3 – Number 3 is a tie:

a) The night before my senior prom I fell up the stairs at my school while decorating and broke my ankle.  However, I did not think I broke my ankle. I thought it was a bad sprain and so I went to a party.  While at the party my foot turned black and I was hobbling around on my knees because I was in so much pain.  One of the party-goes was a paramedic and he “examined” me.  “Oh hon, your foot is broken.”  In disbelief that I broke my ankle the night before the prom I stayed at the party until the wee hours of the morning.  When I woke early in the morning to go back to the school to finish decorating I couldn’t believe the agony I was in.  I put my foot down to try and take a step but LITERALLY passed out from the excruciating pain, bouncing my face off the corner of a dresser, resulting in me going to my prom with a broken ankle, but also a huge black and cut eye.

b) In college, while on in the middle of a job interview for an internship (at a law firm, no less) the interviewer asked if I’d like a tour of the office.  I stood up, took one step and broke my other foot.  It made a huge crunch (that makes me want to throw up on my desk thinking about it) and the interviewers jaw dropped to the floor.  The pain was blinding.  I initially thought I’d broken the ankle, but to make a long story short, I severed (severed) the ligaments in my ankle but broke my foot at the top of it where the foot meets the leg:

Kinda just above where this dude's thumb is and in the center....

Kinda just above where this dude’s thumb is and in the center….

I broke the bone and  the cartilage completely off.  But, because we thought the ankle was broken the doctors weren’t smart enough on their own to figure out to look for the break somewhere else.  I knew it was broken…I heard it break.  So….14 weeks later, after 3 sets of xrays, a cat scan and a bone scan someone FINALLY found the break.  But, because it wasn’t found at the time I had to spend all that time with my foot pretty much just dangling around –  turning black because the ligament had been severed and was bleeding internally and all the blood was settling on the bottom of my foot and hardening – it was pretty gross.  My physiotherapist at first refused to work on me because she was afraid I was developing gangrene (which I probably would have).  And the first night of this whole mess was the worst pain I’ve ever been in.  I cried all night long because it was excruciating and there was nothing I could do.  My poor foot.   It’s the reason why now when I roll my cankle it looks like this:

....and this one ain't even broken.

….and this one ain’t even broken.

So….there you have it…the greatest amount of pain I’ve ever been in would be the night following the day of that break.  Awful, awful night.





6 responses

  1. I think you beat me! Mine is when my left shoulder was so inflamed one night after a workout, before I understood what was wrong with it. I literally laid in bed in tears until I decided to get up at midnight and go to the emergency room.

    September 21, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    • Andy, you have not lived until you break a bone. 🙂 (But yours sounds painful too.)

      September 22, 2013 at 5:03 pm

      • I broke a knuckle on my finger one summer playing football when I was kid. I thought it was only jammed so i tried pull it out. … not so smart.

        September 22, 2013 at 8:53 pm

  2. Meh, I know this is pretty old now but I’ll just comment anyways.
    What’s the most pain I’ve been through? Hmmm, well I’d go with childbirth but were talking injuries so that doesn’t count. So I’m going to say my most recent injury it wasn’t exciting how it happened but it is definitely the most painful thing I’ve gone through it’s frustrating and painful. I was in a hurry and walking too fast and I realized I left my cell phone in the house well when I turned around I looked down at my watch and my left foot missed the walkway and when I stepped down I rolled my ankle, it made a sickening pop and I body slammed the ground knee first. Oh my god the pain was unbearable I thought for sure I broke my ankle I’m not usually a crier but I cried like a baby. My 19 yo son had to carry me inside the house and everything it wasn’t pretty definitely dramatic but not pretty. It ended up being torn ligament in my ankle so you definitely win I can’t even imagine spraining my ankle again let alone break it…. uhhg I’d pass out from the pain.

    February 5, 2014 at 9:10 am

    • Oh Kate….reading your comment made me want to throw up a little bit….especially when I read “it made a sickening pop”….yuck!
      Ligament tears are incredibly painful and I hope you have recovered well.
      Thank you for stopping by the blog. Hope you visit again. 🙂

      February 5, 2014 at 9:30 am

      • Heh, yeah the entire situation was humiliating. I know just thinking about that popping sound makes me sick to my stomach.
        I was just surprised that it hurt as much as it did… it’s the first time that I actually cried from purely physical pain I mean as soon as I hit the ground I looked at my son hugged my ankle and let out a whimper and started bawling he ran over and scooped all 150lbs of me up and bridal carried me into the house my ego was shattered, it was cute being carried like a princess but I was pretty embarrassed to say the least.

        Anyways this happened a while back now, luckily it wasn’t bad enough to have to have surgery thank god it’s still not 100% but I am able to run again.
        I followed your blog so I will most definitely visit again. 🙂

        February 5, 2014 at 2:18 pm

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