Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Day #5 – What are the Five Things that Make Me Happiest Right Now?

1) I got so much accomplished today.  I’ve been wanting to clean my car (inside and out) for a while now and things just kept coming up.  So I got at ‘er this morning and it’s finito.  I also spent a lot of time cleaning my house today.  Yay!!!

2) The night is still young.  I’m gonna sit back and have a glass of wine – which should be interesting since I haven’t had a thing to eat in 8 hours (I was busy – see #1), work on my fall decorating, make some energy bars and likely grab some real dinner.

3) I got to see many people I love this weekend: Blair, my nephews, my brother (DON’T tell him I said I love him), my sister in law, my parents, Amy Whoreface (and her mini me), some other family members/friends….and Winston!  🙂

4) Blair and I have been invited – AND ARE ACTUALLY GOING – to a Halloween party.  I’m super excited.  We get invited to things like this all the time but it’s rare that we get to go….usually work or life comes up.  So, in addition, I get to come up with great Halloween costumes (I’m also open to suggestions).

5) The weather.  This morning was hot and humid, even early.  When I left for the gym at 9am it was already kind of icky but as the day went on it got breezy and the sky has slowly darkened and right now it’s beautiful and it feels like I should be sitting in New Orleans preparing for some eerie Southern storm.



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