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Honest Joe

Years ago, after I split up with my live-in boyfriend, a friend talked me into going on a dating site.  I’m not really on board with internet dating sites and it took a lot of coercing from her but I eventually gave in and did it.  I was only online for a week or two and then shut down my account.  Way too many trolls for my liking.

I had many conversations (via the chat or inboxing) from prospective suitors including this one particular dude who I’ll refer to as “Joe.”  Joe is obviously not his real name – you will find out why soon enough.

Joe began sending me private messages that weren’t completely inappropriate…at first.  But as our minimal chatter grew I began asking him questions about himself and his work…figuring out who he was.

Soon enough Joe was sending me the inappropriate messages telling me that hr wasn’t looking for a relationship because he was currently engaged and that he wanted a fling on the side.  His messages weren’t lewd but they were still gross.  I’m kind of a prude and usually use avoidance as a good tactic when I’m uncomfortable but he didn’t get it and continued to ask me to be his booty call so I finally just came and said “You know who I am, right?  I know you.  You’re Bob’s brother. We’ve met a few times.  I was at Bob and Bertha’s wedding and I hung out with your mom at the bridal shower.”    I think right about then he choked on something.  Can open: worms everywhere.

Now this particular dude is a running candidate in our local elections and has his face plastered over signs and party vehicles everywhere.  And every time I see his slimy face smiling with his stupid ‘pick me’ caption I chuckle and think of the drama I could (but won’t) stir up with those saved messages.  Oh, the life of a politician.

Maybe he was campaigning for love.....

Maybe he was campaigning for love…..

2 responses

  1. Its amazing sometimes, isn’t it? Like that guy in the US wanting to be Mayor of NYC that cheated on his wife, or the NC presidential candiate that cheated on his wife while she had cancer, and we have one in my state where our govenor flew off with his mistress fo a week. and then these guys run AGAIN for office like integrity doesn’t matter or minor inconveinience in politics. lack of integrity is just a way of life to these people so why should they even be allowed to run…oh…you got me started…Way to stand your ground Sandy!

    September 26, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    • Some people are short in the moral department. This guy’s first marriage ended in divorce because he cheated. I’m pretty sure he married the woman he was with when he sent me those love note (ha!). It’s unfortunate because from what I’ve heard she is quite a doll.
      Let me just say this….he is not getting my vote. AND I’m not so quiet with the things I know in and around my circle.

      September 26, 2013 at 1:48 pm

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