Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Day #10 – Describe Your Most Embarrassing Moment

After reading last week’s Karma Just Kicked My Ass and My Worst Nightmare and Something Happened on the Way… (where I was out for a run and fell in a ditch) you should by now realized that I have a lot of embarrassing accidents.  So honestly, it’s come to the point where I don’t get embarrassed that easily.  I mean, on my very first date with Blair I slipped and fell down the stairs.   Boom!  That is my life.

I guess, for an embarrassing story I can tell you about giving my Maid of Honor speech at my best friend, Stephanie’s wedding a few years ago and got so completely choked up that I couldn’t do it.  I mean, I love this girl.  She’s my dude and we’ve been besties since we were 16 (remember my story about going to her place for the first time and falling down the stairs?) and we’ve been thru so much together and I was overwhelmed with happiness for her and sadness that I was giving away my girl to someone else – regardless of how well she lucked out with a great guy.

But yes, that was horribly embarrassing.  Apparently Blair and my dad were nudging each other saying “Oh God” and “Watch this.”  (Thanks for the support, aholes!)  Eventually, I was able to give my speech to a smaller crowd and with booze in hand.  Whatevs.  It got done.  I’m sure if you continue reading you’ll hear more stories of my mishaps, new and old.





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