Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Day #15: What is the Most Difficult Thing You Have Had to Forgive?

Hmmm….another thought provoking question today.  I’m not in the mood for something thought provoking.

I mean, I could forgive Dylan for cheating on Brenda with Kelly.  And I could forgive CBS for cancelling Eastwick way too soon.  And I could forgive Blair for eating my chocolate egg.  And I could forgive Winston for chewing up the bathtub plug (and phone cord, and Christmas tree lights, and my hair….).  I’m a very forgiving person.  Steph tells me I’m too forgiving (but I forgive her for that).  Remember what they say: To Err is Human; To Forgive is Divine.  I thoroughly believe that.

****Let me just say this, tho….I may forgive but I never forget.  (Insert malicious laughter here)****

Hmm….I guess the most difficult thin I’ve had to forgive is death.  Lame?  Maybe.  It’s understandable that death occurs.  But sometimes it is so painfully difficult to let go of someone that the pain turns to anger or personal hurt.  Maybe the most difficult part is forgiving myself for feeling that way.




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