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Day #21 Describe 3 Significant Memories from Your Childhood.

1) I remember pets.  Specifically, waking up one night with a cat on my bed.  We didn’t have a cat.  But Cindel (we named her after the girl in the Ewok movie) showed up on our doorstep and stayed.  We had her for quite a long time.  I loved that cat.  I also remember getting a puppy, Lady, for Christmas one year.  My mom has a photo of me and my brother just as Lady popped out from wherever she was.  We are both in our jammies, hair mussed (curly hair gets mussed) and huge grins on our faces.

2) I was sick a lot when I was little and was in and out of the hospital a lot.  I remember 2 specific occasions: 1) I was stuck in a room who did nothing but cry.  All day.  For days.  I was very little and was in a bed with railings (like a crib) and would climb out and take off so I wouldn’t have to listen to bawl-baby.  I got in trouble to climbing over the railings.  I ended up going to school with this girl and she eventually worked with my mom – who told me I had to be nice to her.  I’ve held a grudge all these years.    2) I was stuck in a room with a girl who talked about nothing but He-Man…..not She-Ra…HE-MAN.  He-Man is stupid.  I told her.  She cried.  I did not like her.  My mom brought a She-Ra coloring book to me in the hospital and I hated it.  But I wouldn’t let my roommate use it because then I’d have to listen to more He-Man talk.   (It is evident that this princess requires her own room.)

These two dillholes ruined my childhood

These two dillholes ruined my childhood

3) I’m not sure how old I was for this story, maybe 10 or 11.  My brother and I were in the living room and in front of our living room window I noticed something on the floor.  It was a big black spider.  My brother wouldn’t kill it for me so I had to do it myself.  But when I stomped on it I missed and the asshole chased me.  CHASED ME!!! I know you’re thinking I’m insane but I swear on my life and all that is holy that that damn spider chased me across the living room. I screamed and cried and ended up flying onto the couch – where I stayed for a very long time.  That moment has cemented my fear and detest of spiders.  (And I will swear to my dying breath that that spider chased me.)



2 responses

  1. I was in the hospital with a room full of kids when I was little, to have my tonsils out I believe. And that day I was the very last one to get picked up by my parents…by like 2 hours. You don’t know bawlin’ until you have felt abandoned as a kid.

    October 9, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    • Oh that’s so sad. I remember having my tonsils out when I was six and screaming and crying when they were wheeling me down to the pre-op room because I wanted to be with my mommy.

      October 10, 2013 at 9:01 am

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