Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Day 23: Describe Your First Job


(I’m posting this a day early b/c I don’t plan to be around a computer too much tomorrow and the last night I attempted to set a timer on a post it got lost in cyberspace.)

My first real job, y’know,  NOT babysitting, was working in a farm market.  I was primarily a cashier but also sorted and displayed produce and other things.  I was in high school.  My friend’s dad owned the market and he told her to call a few of her friends to see if anyone wanted a job – two cashiers were needed.  The first person she called didn’t answer the phone.  I was the second on the list.  I said “Hells yeah!”

It was a great job starting out.  And what made it even better was that the other girl who got hired was also a friend – same social circle, y’all – so, even tho it was work I still got to hang out with some of my girlies.



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