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Day 24: What Were Your Three Favorite Toys/Games as a Child?

1) First and foremost, my favorite toy was always Barbie.  I loved her.  I am very much a girlie-girl and Barbie solidified that.  I loved her gowns and her hair and her shoes.  One of my favorites was my Peaches and Cream Barbie.  I got her after I drove my dirt bike into a guardrail and tore my knee half off.  I was also a fan of Cabbage Patch Doll, My Little Ponies and Care Bears….but Barbie was the shit.

Peaches and Cream Barbie

Peaches and Cream Barbie

2) My brother and I both had dirt bikes.  Although I was a complete girl, I loved riding my dirt bike.  I have a lot of boy cousins on my dad’s side (all my girl cousins on that saide live far away in BC *sad face*) and they all had dirt bikes.  So my brother and I would go riding on trails with them.  My bike sucked tho…I did not get the pick of the litter (probably because I had a habit of driving into guardrails).

3) Trivial Pursuit is my favorite game EVER.  Probably because I’m such a complete genius at it and I remember everything.  I have a few different editions of it but I have a hard time finding anyone to play with me.  My friends are dicks. 😉

The original

The original




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