Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

A Nightmare in SandyLand

The first time I spent the night at my high school BFF’s place, I had just turned 16.  I was already very nervous and a little shy.  Mostly because I had a little crush on one of her brothers.  I was ecstatic to be there but also scared to death.  My fear grew even stronger when I walked into Kim’s room for the first time and saw she shared her room with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Freddy Krueger.  WTF??  Why would a 14 year old girl have anything of  Freddy Krueger in her room?  (Turns out it was a hand-me-down from one of her three brothers.)

If you recall from one of last October’s posts, I really am not a fan of horror movies.  Scary movies I can handle (well….at least semi-scary), horror movies I cannot.  And it did not bode well for me to be alone in the dark with Freddy Effing Krueger.

Nowadays he sort of just looks like a jackass

Nowadays he sort of just looks like a jackass

I dreaded going to sleep that night.  I was happy that Kim and her brothers and I stayed up later to shoot the shit and allow me to get super sleepy.  But when it came time to hit the hay, I couldn’t do it.  I laid there all night having a stare-down with cardboard Freddy.  I didn’t dare avert my eyes…that sucker is sneaky.  So I was awake….ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

When Kim’s mom strolled down the hall singing “Good mooorniing” at 6:30 the next a.m. I was relieved that someone else in the house was finally awake.   Kim laughed at me when I told her that I hadn’t slept and why and when I went home later that day I had a nice long peaceful nap.

After that day, as our friendship grew into solidified BFFdom, Freddy got moved to the basement.  Kind of endearing, don’tcha think?



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