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Christmas Countdown

NY Christmas

Please don’t hate on me because I’m posting this early about Christmas.  I’m excited, that’s all.  I’ve been really into the seasons lately….I was so excited to decorate for Fall this year – and my decorations are gorgeous, if I do say so myself.   But now that we’re almost mid-way thru November I am beginning the countdown to Christmas.

This means that I need to really get on my shopping, baking, decorating and movie watching.  I’ve already made a list of Christmas movies I want to watch this year – of course there’re the staples I watch every year: One Magic Christmas (my absolute favorite since I was a wee one), Elf (which I sorta watched last week), Fred Claus, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Scrooge.  I also love The Holiday with Kate Winslet (I think this is the only thing I can stand Jack Black in) and Secret Santa (with Jennie Garth.  Which I posted about last year and my wicked-awesome sister-in-law tracked down and gifted me last Christmas – S-I-L I WOVE YOU!).

I’m looking forward to adding new movies to my repertoire this year: I’ve never seen Love Actually but I keep hearing great things about it.  Plus, Rick from The Walking Dead is in it and I’ve only ever seen him as a zombie ass-kicker so I’m open to trying new things.

Rick no, Andrew, Actually

Rick no, Andrew, Actually

And I’ve also never seen The Polar Express.  So it’s on my list….along with some old classics, like Holiday Inn.

holiday-innI’m also extremely excited to be having my annual Christmas party.

holiday-party-invitation-2This is not my big evening co-ed party.  Blair’s a stick-in-the mud and it’s too hard to coordinate days off and sitters and work scheduling so I’ve resorted back to my ladies only afternoon party.  I hosted these a few times and we always had so much fun.  This year will be a little different as I’m planning on an elegant afternoon with a twist of ugly sweaterdom.  I’ll have treats and drinks and prizes and Secret Santa gifts.  We’ll enjoy a potluck dinner and holiday movies and gossip and games and fun – complete with a hot chocolate bar.

Hot Choc

And mulled cider and wine.  And maybe a visit from Santa…who knows?  Eeeek.  I’m uber excited.  Can you tell??

I still have 3 vacation days left prior to Christmas vacation – which I cannot carry over to the new year so I am working on scheduling those off.  It’s a little difficult as I have to coincide  with my employer’s schedule because I’m The Shit and the only employee and I need to be here when I’m needed.  I have one day picked out to go shopping in the City with my fellow asshole, Jaime.  I want to take a day off with Blair to do some shopping/cuddling with him and I’d like to have a day to myself to sit around in lounge-wear, wrapped in a multitude of fuzzy blankets (like that’s different than any other day) and watch movies.  A lazy day.  My last 3 weekends have been booked solid and my next 3 my next 5 all of my upcoming weekends are booked so finding some me time to get things done around the house or just hanging out is limited.  But it will happen.

Unfortunately all I have to post at the moment is Christmas stuff so, yeah, sorry about that.  But hey, I’m open to suggestions on great Christmas or holiday movies to watch.  🙂



5 responses

  1. I love Christmas too, like you I am starting to get in the mood as in thinking about all we need to do this year. We have a Christmas ritual with the Christmas story movie, egg nog and some special Oreo Mint ice cream. Love Elf too plus we have allthose animated ones for the kids, like Kris Kringle, that I still seem to enjoy more than they do. Plus I love the music too and if I can add something for you to check out it would be teh Celtic Woman first Christmas special on DVD. Its great music plus some Christmasy things on the TV then. That is standard fair for Christmas mornings, Christmas dinner and sometimes our Thanksgiving dinner since that is supposed to kick it off for us down here. ~ of course Jimmy Buffett has a fun Christmas CD too, for the not so common Christmas carols. Merry Christmas Sandy! I think you put me more in the mood….

    November 13, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    • This weekend is going to be filled with Christmassy stuffs: Saturday is my community’s Christmas Tea. It’s sorta lame but I love it. I used to serve at this event when I was little and in Sunday School. 🙂 It’s a fun afternoon event to attend with my mom and my S-I-L (and hopefully my nephews because they’re awesome!) and to mingle and chow down on some food (although I’m on an elimination diet currently and it succcckkkkss. I’m so hungry…and dizzy!) and there’s a little sale table. Fun Fun. And the following is the Annual Christmas Craft Sale at the University. Ames and I will be attending as usual. This is a huge event in the arena and some of the products (wood carvings, jewelry, paintings, WINES) are so ridiculously beautiful that I forget I’m there to buy gifts for other people and usually spend money on myself.
      Come to NS, bring the fam, and party like SandyLand…..where it can be like Christmas all year ’round.

      November 14, 2013 at 11:36 am

  2. See? That’s one difference in where we live. We are still doing Fall festivals this week. Egad, I have two more to go to the next two weeks! Christmas won’t start down here until after our Thanksgiving. We have a few good fun holday 5ks for you. And how is that fitness challenge going any how? Happy with results? Take care and don’t over starve yourself to where you are falling down or running into things! We like you just the way you are!

    November 14, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    • Our Thanksgiving is in early October so we get a move on Christmas earlier. 😉
      The elimination diet is for my health not for diet – believe me, it’s not fun.

      November 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm

      • I bet you are still rockin’ it though…and a perfect time, ‘before the holidays’. I’ll bring everyone up for that one Christmas festival. If you are like me, the first gift you buy for the season is always for yourself…to get it out of the way. And you know what you want, correct?

        November 14, 2013 at 1:43 pm

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