Welcome to SANDYLAND!!




I mean, obviously this isn’t the real Santa because everyone knows that Santa is at his workshop getting ready for his December 24th evening appearance.  But this Santa shows up every year at our community Christmas party.  In fact, he’s scheduled to make a cameo this Saturday night.  It’s always exciting and my nephews love greeting him and telling him what good boys they’ve been.  They’re still quite young and, as far as I know, they don’t know this isn’t the real thing, but his appearance is magical each time they hear those jingle bells in the foyer.  Love the looks of astonishment on their little faces every time.

When I was little, Santa showed up outside our house one night – just prior to Christmas and my brother and I were scared shitless soooo excited.  We heard his jingle bells and then we heard his ho ho ho.  And I’m pretty sure we were on our best behaviour after that.




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