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Ya know, back in the day, here in Nova Scotia, we’d already have 100 feet of snow by December.  But, we haven’t been blessed with too much of it lately – I’m blaming it on global warming.  We’ve had a teensy bit here and there, and some freezing days, but it’s been unusually warm for the most part.  Yesterday, for instance, could’ve been a skirt day – it was warm and rainy and kind of depressing.  But, I’m no fool….I know Mother Nature has got some tricks up her sleeve and pretty soon I’ll be bitching that I hate winter and can’t wait for flip flop season again.



Christmas Wish List #4


I love Jennie Garth.  I think she’s adorable.  And since I have Shannen Doherty’s book BADASS, it only makes sense that I have Jennie’s book to accompany it.