Welcome to SANDYLAND!!


I really wanted to post a few photos of my nephews and their excitement and happiness but my brother and SIL would kill me for blasting pics of their kids online.  So, I’ll blast other photos online.

Joy is Love

KissyJoy is Celebration (and wine…..wine causes joy, right?)


And one of my absolute favorite photos (story to follow below): Joy is Love and Excitement and Family and Appreciation and Surprise all rolled into one


So ^that there^ is my aunt Donna.  She is a very talented musician and singer.  She plays (and taught) piano, guitar, played trumpet in high school (lame) and sings beautifully.  And a few years ago I bought her a wrought iron music stand.  I decorated it with a pretty red bow and presented it to her at our family Christmas party.  I made her close her eyes and when she opened them the stand was in front of her and I snapped a photo of her the moment she saw it.  She was uber excited and, knowing Donna (and not relying on my memory) she was likely teary eyed.  Ahhhh…what’s family for if not to make each other cry.  😀



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