Welcome to SANDYLAND!!



Okay, I don’t actually have a fireplace (maybe this should be on the Christmas Wish List) but today we had our first biggie snow storm – which sucked because I had my Elegant Ugly Sweater Party planned for today and now it’s on the postpone list – so, after shoveling a crapload and a half of snow I finally got a bunch of things done around the house that needed to be started finished for Christmas…INCLUDING making cookies (which I wanted to have for the party today so I’m thinkin’ it’s probably some sort of blessing in disguise that Mother Nature is a super bitch and I got stormed in).

So, my oven’s been going for quite some time and I’ve got tons of cookies made so the house is nice and cozy.  And now I’m sucking back a bottle glass of wine and about to enjoy yet another Christmas movie (which means I’ll have to surrender my Sleep Hollow episode and Tom Mison for the day – although, Tom Mison could probably keep me warm too – albeit, he is kinda skinny – but we could figure it out).

Give the boy a burger and send him my way...

Give the boy a burger and send him my way…





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