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I have boxes upon boxes of Christmas tree ornaments.  But I’ve very particular and diligent in the decorations I hang.  Of course I have a color theme, and I have to be careful to hang only certain decorations on the bottom branches so that big fat white cat doesn’t have too much fun with them (to be honest, so far he’s only slept underneath the tree and played with the ribbon on the bottle of wine – it’s my shower curtain that takes the abuse).  The decorations that I do hang are displayed with love.  Here are a few:



^Anyone who knows me knows that butterflies are sorta my thing.  This is just one of many, many butterflies that hang on my tree, including a bunch of handmade butterflies that my mom made me a few years back.  They are beautiful and are kept in a special box (that I annually forget where I’ve left it and then have to dig).

Star^Obvs I’d have a star on my tree to represent the Star of Bethlehem (also called the Christmas Star – duh!!).  My Blackberry’s camera sucks but this is a beautiful bright gold star AND it glitters.  Score.



^There are a few of these icicles.  They’re silver and glittery and were expensive so they’re not permitted near the bottom branches.

Turtle Dove


^”…Three french hens, two TURTLE DOVES….la la la, la la….”  (I love this turtle dove. It’s antiquey looking and elegant-ish.)


^This is the Christmas Pickle.  It’s sort of a thing on my mom’s side of the family.  A bunch of us got these ornaments as gifts.  I’m not exactly sure of the story or the origin of the Christmas Pickle in my family but I promise, it’s a thing.