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I have a really pretty white wreath that I bought at the mall probably 5 years ago.  I keep it up in my foyer year-round because it’s so pretty. And I took a picture of it last night with my crappy Blackberry camera and it didn’t check it until today and OF COURSE – it’s a crappy photo.  SO – you’re getting this picture instead:


It’s pretty and simple.  Mine’s a little more festive and SandyLandish but this one ^is very elegant.


Christmas Wish List #7

Oliver Bonas Sweater

Oliver Bonas Sweater

I absolutely adore this Oliver Bonas sweater but it’s probably crazy expensive and I’m cheap and I can’t find it on the website anymore anyway so it looks like I’m S.O.L.



I have boxes upon boxes of Christmas tree ornaments.  But I’ve very particular and diligent in the decorations I hang.  Of course I have a color theme, and I have to be careful to hang only certain decorations on the bottom branches so that big fat white cat doesn’t have too much fun with them (to be honest, so far he’s only slept underneath the tree and played with the ribbon on the bottle of wine – it’s my shower curtain that takes the abuse).  The decorations that I do hang are displayed with love.  Here are a few:



^Anyone who knows me knows that butterflies are sorta my thing.  This is just one of many, many butterflies that hang on my tree, including a bunch of handmade butterflies that my mom made me a few years back.  They are beautiful and are kept in a special box (that I annually forget where I’ve left it and then have to dig).

Star^Obvs I’d have a star on my tree to represent the Star of Bethlehem (also called the Christmas Star – duh!!).  My Blackberry’s camera sucks but this is a beautiful bright gold star AND it glitters.  Score.



^There are a few of these icicles.  They’re silver and glittery and were expensive so they’re not permitted near the bottom branches.

Turtle Dove


^”…Three french hens, two TURTLE DOVES….la la la, la la….”  (I love this turtle dove. It’s antiquey looking and elegant-ish.)


^This is the Christmas Pickle.  It’s sort of a thing on my mom’s side of the family.  A bunch of us got these ornaments as gifts.  I’m not exactly sure of the story or the origin of the Christmas Pickle in my family but I promise, it’s a thing.






Okay, I don’t actually have a fireplace (maybe this should be on the Christmas Wish List) but today we had our first biggie snow storm – which sucked because I had my Elegant Ugly Sweater Party planned for today and now it’s on the postpone list – so, after shoveling a crapload and a half of snow I finally got a bunch of things done around the house that needed to be started finished for Christmas…INCLUDING making cookies (which I wanted to have for the party today so I’m thinkin’ it’s probably some sort of blessing in disguise that Mother Nature is a super bitch and I got stormed in).

So, my oven’s been going for quite some time and I’ve got tons of cookies made so the house is nice and cozy.  And now I’m sucking back a bottle glass of wine and about to enjoy yet another Christmas movie (which means I’ll have to surrender my Sleep Hollow episode and Tom Mison for the day – although, Tom Mison could probably keep me warm too – albeit, he is kinda skinny – but we could figure it out).

Give the boy a burger and send him my way...

Give the boy a burger and send him my way…





Q: “What’s your favorite color?”  A: “GLITTER!!”

I get very excited about glitter. I think everyone needs a little glitter in their lives.  In fact, I used to owns TONS of spray glitter back in the day (ahhh….actually, I probs still do).  And Christmas is the best time to add glitter to everything.

Like these wine glasses I made last year:


And Christmas ornaments like this one my friend Amy K. has hanging:


Glitter should be everywhere.  Enjoy it.





Christmas Wish List #6

A Painted Yoga Mat

My yoga mat is pink…..and that’s about it. BORING. Therefore, I would love one of these gorgeous hand painted mats (or any hand painted mat…I’m not hard to deal with):

This one ->



Or this one ->




...because Yoga Kitties are AWESOME!

…because Yoga Kitties are AWESOME!














Wine with ribbon.  Check.

Wine glass with pretty decal.  Check.

Christmas tree.   Check.

Wrapped presents.  Check.

Snowstormy weather.  Check.

Christmas movies.  Check.

I’m feeling pretty friggin’ festive.



This is sort of a cheat because I doubt I will be home in time to post a real photo of something vintage.  BUT…..this is the next best thing.

My grandmother died three years ago right before Christmas.  It was a sad time.  Death is never easy – and even harder during the holidays.

After my grandmother passed, my grandfather passed onto me a bunch of my grandmother’s clothes (including her real fur – which I don’t necessarily agree with but, it’s now in my possession).  So, in her honor, on Christmas eve I wore one of her dresses.  My grandfather was with us for dinner that evening and, tho sad from the loss of his wife (of more that 60 years) he was delighted that I was wearing her dress.


So yeah, that counts, right?





I love Christmas Carols.  Some of them are so tired and lame but I still find myself singing or humming along.

When I was in elementary school I sang in the school and Sunday School choirs and we always had fun singing traditional (and some non-traditional) carols.  I think I may have even been suckered into going around to strangers’ houses a time or two to sing.  Ahhh…Christmas.

One of my favorite Christmas songs is non-traditional and pretty bad…but it’s so funny and I’ve hung onto it since I was 14 and I stole my uncle’s mixed tape (yes tape – as in cassette – and I didn’t actually steal it…I borrowed it and make a copy and returned original to him).  I love it:  Father Christmas by the Kinks.








I really wanted to post a few photos of my nephews and their excitement and happiness but my brother and SIL would kill me for blasting pics of their kids online.  So, I’ll blast other photos online.

Joy is Love

KissyJoy is Celebration (and wine…..wine causes joy, right?)


And one of my absolute favorite photos (story to follow below): Joy is Love and Excitement and Family and Appreciation and Surprise all rolled into one


So ^that there^ is my aunt Donna.  She is a very talented musician and singer.  She plays (and taught) piano, guitar, played trumpet in high school (lame) and sings beautifully.  And a few years ago I bought her a wrought iron music stand.  I decorated it with a pretty red bow and presented it to her at our family Christmas party.  I made her close her eyes and when she opened them the stand was in front of her and I snapped a photo of her the moment she saw it.  She was uber excited and, knowing Donna (and not relying on my memory) she was likely teary eyed.  Ahhhh…what’s family for if not to make each other cry.  😀