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Almost Famous Redux

Last night I watched an older movie starring Kate Hudson and today it has me thinking of Almost Famous. It’s one of my favorite movies. In fact, it’s probably the only non-Spielberg favorite on my list of favorites. It’s so beautiful and poetic and…sort of tragic. And because I am thinking of Almost Famous I have decided to post a Redux from a few years ago…here ya go:

Click here>>> Almost Famous Redux

One day you'll be cool. Look under your bed, it'll set you free.

One day you’ll be cool. Look under your bed, it’ll set you free.


An Apple A Day

Just the other day I told you about being inspired by Drew Barrymore’s book Find It in Everything – a photo collection of her finding heart shapes everywhere (and my first find in a delicious potato skin at dinner). Well, yesterday I cut an apple in half (I know, I hope all my finds are food-related!) and I discovered two beautiful hearts – one completely perfect.

(Almost) Perfectly shaped hearts

(Almost) Perfectly shaped hearts

Now, I’ve been cutting my apples in half for a long time but this is the first time I really noticed the hearts. Maybe I just got lucky with this apple – or maybe they’ve been there all along waiting for me to discover them.


Find It in Everything

I’ve been inspired.
Last week I picked up Drew Barrymore’s book “Find it in Everything” in which “Photographs by Drew Barrymore reveal hearts found in everyday situations.”


“I have always loved hearts,” writes acclaimed actress Drew Barrymore in the foreword to this heartwarming gift book. “The way that continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing–it conveys love.” In FIND IT IN EVERYTHING, Barrymore shares the photographs she has taken of heart-shaped objects and patterns she has come across over the past ten years. Some are obvious and others barely discernible. A discarded straw wrapper, a hole in a T-shirt, a scallion in a bowl of miso soup — seemingly everywhere she turns her lens a heart reveals itself. A very personal collection of images, many of them accompanied by brief captions that reflect on beauty in the everyday, FIND IT IN EVERYTHING is a delightful book from the beloved actress and director, who now adds photographer to her list of credentials.” {Chapters.com}

The other night I was out for dinner with a few friends. And while chowing on my plate of potato skins I saw my (first) heart.

A delicious heart-shaped potato skin.

A delicious heart-shaped potato skin.

It seemed like a sign. That if I can see the love in a freaking potato skin (of all places) then I, too, should be able to find It in everything.
And here I was, at a little restaurant that I’ve been patronizing since I was 14; one that held some of the loveliest memories with my best friends. And on this night I was settled in with girls I used to work with, enjoying the company, catching up and making new memories. I found It there.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts of where I’ve found It.