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Intimate Conversations

The other night Jaws 2 was on tv so Blair and I were snuggled up, watching it. I love Jaws movies; I’ve seen them all dozens of times. They’re classics and never get old.

Just for a little refresher, Jaws 2 takes place in Amity several years after Chief Brody battles the big, beautiful sea-beast. The Brody kids have grown up a bit, and Michael is now a teenager and he and his friends are all about their sailboats.

Jaws 2 - Sailing Sailing

Jaws 2 – Sailing Sailing

The teens decide to take a sailing trip one day, only to be harassed by the shark; the shark causes a ruckus and the boats tip and spill and rip, so the teens tie their rafts together to stay as a group. But, of course, the shark continues to rip through seams and overturn here and there.

Jaws 2

After a while of watching the shark keep up his antics and destroy the rafts the kids continue to struggle to make, I piped up “That shark’s a dick!”
Blair replied “Yep, it sure is.”

End of conversation.


The Love of Nature

Continuing on with my Find It in Everything posts, last night I went for a run with a friend I haven’t seen in quite some time. I had to keep stopping to take photos of all the hearts we were seeing. Nature was surely showing us her soft side last eve:

Graffiti on a bench

Graffiti on a bench

You have to look really hard...can you see it?

You have to look really hard…can you see it?

You have to really want to see this one, but Dee and I saw it.

You have to really want to see this one, but Dee and I saw it.

Okay, so the bench and the pavement aren’t actually gifts from nature but we were on a nature trail and we wouldn’t have even been out if it hadn’t been such a gorgeous day so I am fully embracing that the universe was sending the love.


Baby Love

Continuing on with my Find It in Everything posts, here’s the scoop: My cousin had a baby a month ago. He is beautiful and I can’t wait to shower him with love and itty bitty squeezes, but they live on the other side of the country so it’ll be at least a few months before a visit can be arranged. So in the meantime, I’m receiving beautiful baby photos daily. And yesterday I received a photo of baby boy with his tongue partially out. And the first thing I noticed??? His little mouth makes the sweetest heart.


He is perfect. And adored and I’m sure, full of love.


Angels Walk Among Us

Y’all should know by now that I do not use the word ‘amazing’ because I feel like it’s misused and overused and people use it to describe everything from tires to a new hairstyle. (Seriously, see my post from last year on Amazing.)

But I just watched a video that shares a story that I personally find pretty amazing. It brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart and I wanted to share it with you. Be sure to turn your volume up so you can hear the background (as their is wind hitting the mics) and then READ the story below it and the fine print. It’s beautiful.

The link is here with the video and the full story <<< BE SURE TO READ!!!!!! A large part of the beauty is in the story. (I've also posted just the video itself from YouTube below but be sure to read the story. Don't make me say it again.)



Kitty Love

So to continue with my Find It in Everything posts from a week or two ago, I came home late Thursday evening and, of course, the first thing I had to do was feed and water Winston. And as I reached down to pick up his water bowl I saw this lovely paper heart in between both his dishes:


I have not a clue where it came from or how it got there but to me, it was a perfect display of love from Winston.


Just Because It’s Friday

Just because it’s Friday and I have a big (exciting) day today and because I love shit that glitters:

It’s been a long week and after this weekend I will tell you about my exciting (well, exciting to me) news starting today.

Enjoy the day and the weekend.


…….April Fools!

Okay, I have to admit that this year’s prank wasn’t as much a success as last year’s prank (https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/headline/) but I did get some texts throughout the morning. And, let’s just say that my Facebook prank was a bigger hit than I expected (I posted a photo of a sonogram and claimed that I was 14 weeks along per my doctor’s appointment this morning. HAHAHAHHA! I’m a jerk.)
(Note* Blair and I called a truce this year as the last few years we’ve punk’d each other good!)



My friends should know be well enough by now that I would NEVER make a life announcement like that via Facebook or my blog. I mean sure, I may be inclined to take a full page ad out in every newspaper Province-wide, but that would ONLY happen once I notified my family and BFFs.

Regardless, thank you Social Media for letting me an ass.


I Had a Busy Weekend

Hello hello bloggy peeps!

Well, after a very stressful weekend this one past (long stories that I just won’t get into), it ended on a wonderful note. After more than 5 years together Blair has finally (FINALLY) asked me to be his Mrs.


Like I said, it was a very stressful weekend with friend and family emergencies but as we settled in Sunday, late evening, to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead (how romantic) my guy got down on one knee and popped the big questions. It really was lovely.

THIS GIRL (points to self) is all smiles.