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The Little Things That Break Your Heart

When I was reeaaally little my mom bought me The Rainbow Connection record from The Muppet Movie.

Remember these?  *sigh*

Remember these? *sigh*

I loved the song so much and I listened to that record all the time. The opposite side of the little 45 LP was Rowlf the Dog (plinking away on his piano) and Kermit belting out “I Hope Something Better Comes Along” – which, honestly, didn’t get as much play as The Rainbow Connection. But, I loved the record in its entirety.

Then one day the worst thing happened. My brother, for whatever reason he had, threw the record (I don’t remember if he was using it as a Frisbee or if he was tossing it to someone)…I watched it fly across the living room and I prepared myself for the inevitable….but the record landing safely. *Whew* ………………………………………………………………………………………

Then…..my Uncle Brian – who happened to be visiting – rocked in the rocking chair he was sitting in – and which the record had landed underneath of….cracking it right in half.


……and breaking my wee little heart at the same time. I’m pretty sure I cried. Because I cried about everything back then (I still cry about everything).

Thankfully for iTunes and YouTube I’ve been able to reintroduce The Rainbow Connection into my life over the years but I will never forget the day the music died…..for me.


Our Thoughts



Oh yes – There are a few people in my life who I feel this way about. And not just family or the “other half”, but specific people who have just become a part of me. Those few who I can’t imagine my life without because they’ve just always been there and they make me happy. Those people who are really just love.

One Eye


Shark Week is Coming…….

Shark Week will be arriving August 10th….


Shark Bite Swimsuit by Bad Aby Designs

Shark Bite Swimsuit by Bad Aby Designs

This swimsuit is awesome!! I really want it. (I’ll take the model’s body too, if that’s included!)
This fantastic beach wear is made by Bad Aby Designs (http://www.badabydesigns.com/) and caught my eye a while ago. It’s only $120 – which isn’t that bad for a custom design (and unique!) item.

Ahh…the fun of summer.



Thank you to everyone who posted here or private messaged me trying to help me locate the name of the singer from my last post. Saturday morning I awoke to bazillion messages with different names, websites and potential artists – all of which were wrong but I appreciate the effort, regardless.

I spent another good portion of Saturday morning chatting with Jesse hoping she would remember. Jesse has the worst memory of anyone I know and our conversation went something like this:
Me: “Remember back in the day when I had that mixed tape with the Mandy Moore song I used to belt out when we’d go on our road trips?”
Jesse: “Yes. Vaguely.”
Me: “Well the song was on that tape. We both liked it. The guy was cute.”
Jesse: “OKay.”
Me: “I’m leaning more to his name being Craig rather than David.”
Jesse: “And it’s not Craig David?”
Me: “Nope. It might not be Craig.”
Jesse: “You suck!”

The more I thought about it the more I leaned toward his name being Craig. And I was convinced he was Canadian and I was certain this damn song had been in the top 30 – although searching years of archives from Much Music and the like turned.up.nothing!

Then last night I finally got around to searching “Canadian Singer Craig” and BAM! There he was.

Craig Smart. (Although this video credits also his old group D-Cru – I don’t recollect that – but at least I had his name.) AND this video was totally a top 10 hit back in the day. He’s not as cute as I remember but, aside from that ridiculous “mustache” he’s pretty adorable (I think he reminded me of my ex boyfriend back then, maybe that was part of the appeal.); and his eyes are piercingly blue. And the song is pretty.

So, there you go….my question has been answered. Thank you all for your assistance. And if you want a really good chuckle check out the comments underneath the video.



Okay guys, I need some help. It’s pretty bad that I’m resorting to WordPress looking for the answer to a song/music question because I normally take pride in knowing everything. But I’m dire need tonight.

Okay, so there’s a song that came out a while back. I’m not sure when exactly, initially I was thinking 1999-ish but now I’m leaning more to 2000-2001 – but even that could be wrong. But it’s somewhere in that vicinity. I know I had it on a mixed tape after Mandy Moore’s Candy (and that came out in ’99). I’m sure that doesn’t help you.

Anyway, the singer was a black man with light eyes. I’m thinking blue but they could have been green or hazel. He was striking. Gorgeous (at least he was to me back then).

The song was R&B-y and it was a love song of sorts – kind of sad, if I recall correctly.
I thought the singer might be Canadian but, listen, I’ve just spent the last hour and a half searching everything I can think of and looking thru records from Much Music, MTV, the Junos, the Grammys, YouTube, Googling everything I can freakin’ imagine to come up with this damn song or singer.

Something tells me his name may have been David but it’s not Craig David. And to be honest, his name may not have been David…I’m reaching here.

Sooooooo……I would appreciate any ideas, speculations, names for good measure. Puh-leese help me.

Thanks in advance for hopefully saving my sanity.

Chalk it Up to Love

Today I had such a laugh-filled day with my friend, Angie Whoreface. Honestly, we laughed thru our whole lunch break and after work we had a dinner date with a bunch of other friends and she and I laughed then and afterward. Our laughter idiocy carried into the grocery store where we had a few others laughing with/at us. It turned out to be a giggle-fest of a day and I chalk it all up to this:

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

While taking a stroll on my lunch break I saw this sidewalk chalk art. Love is everywhere. 🙂

(We could also play “Name that Stain”…..but we won’t go there.)

Happy Friday!


Meanwhile, In Canada

June 10, 2014 – show your respect.


For my non-Canadian friends (or those living under a rock) – go here for some of the story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/moncton-shootings-3-rcmp-officers-dead-2-wounded-1.2665359


Swarovski Love

A few Christmases ago, Blair got me 2 pairs of Swarovski Crystal earrings for gifts. I’ve recently been wearing a pair (often) and the other day I discovered: