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End of Summer

Today is the last day of August and already it feels different.  Every year at this time I get a little nostalgic.  There’s something about the end of summer and the start of September and Fall that make me feel different: a little sad, a little reflective, a little excited.

Truth be told, although I love summer and the beautiful and warm golden sun that beats down and browns my skin, there’s something in the September air that is simply different.  The air smells different, the wind blows differently, and the sun shines differently, as if it’s shining in a whole other time.  

With the end of hazy summer beach days comes the excitement of so many things to come with the next few months.

1) September is tomorrow and that means the onset of EVERYTHING PUMPKIN!!!  

Yes. Yes one can!!

Yes. Yes one can!!

From pumpkin pie to pumpkin tea and pumpkin coffee and pumpkin decorations (OMG I live for glitter pumpkins)

Glitter pumpkin

I live for pumpkin.  I love it and I’m extremely excited (since the closest Starbucks is an hour away by highway) that Tim Horton’s will be serving (finally!) even more pumpkin shizz on their menu – starting soon.  Like, maybe tomorrow.

Pumpkin Ice Capp?  Uh, yes please!

Pumpkin Ice Capp? Uh, yes please!

2) The Change in Scenery

This will soon be my skyline for the next several months.


I swear I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The leaves have already begun to change and soon I’ll be stepping on crisp, multicolored leaves.

Who needs a red carpet when you have this at your footing?

Who needs a red carpet when you have this at your footing?

And who needs million dollar works of art when you can just look out your window?



3) Outdoor Exercising

I love running.  And I love running outside even more.  But, I’ve made the mistake of running in 32 degree summer hell heat and nearly killed myself so for the most part of summer I reserve my running for the treadmill.  Now that the cooler weather has started slowly to make its way back into my life I’ve been getting outside for runs more.  And I’ve been running boot camp outside all summer and plan to continue classes outside into October – because, really, who needs air conditioning when you have crisp fall air AND why wouldn’t you want to be outside in the colorful landscape?


4) Fall Fashion

I always loved back-to-school shopping.  I loved the colors and the textures and the plaids (oh how I loved plaids).  I loved the golds and the browns and the burgandys.  And there is something so wonderful about the relaxed sophistication of a cozy, chunky sweater.  Add a scarf, the right pair of boots and you have yourself the perfect fall outfit.

fall Coat

5) Slow Cooker Meals

There’s something comforting about being home on a Sunday, chillin’ with your loved ones or watching a movie and knowing there is a warm dinner in the slow cooker.  I really only discovered my slow cooker around this time last year and I am quite excited to use it more this coming season.

6) My Birthday is Coming!

My birthday is in October.  That is all.

No wait, that’s not all.  My birthday is in October.  I’m a princess.  Every year I celebrate birthday week. I start the countdown one month before my birthday. It excites me.  Did I mention I’m a princess???

MOM!!  Make me this shirt please!!

MOM!! Make me this shirt please!!

I also have no shame.

Bday week

7) Halloween is Coming

I love Halloween.  I love the spookiness of it.  I love Halloween movies, except, I don’t like being scared.  I’m going to try to get over myself a bit this year and watch a few mellow horror movies.  That’s my goal – to have a movie date with the man or a friend once a week and watch a scary movie.

For a good laugh at my absurdity with horror movies go read this: read this.

I am also excited to get started on my costume for this year.  Last year Blair and I won first place at a costume party and I had tons of fun putting together our costumes.  We’ll see what happens this year. 

8) Christmas is Coming

Ya-huh!  It’s that much closer now that Fall is nearly here.  I love Christmas. I love the chaos and the anticipation and the shopping and the decorating and the Spirit of it all.  Looking forward to it as always.


Family Love

The other day my nephews were hanging out with my mom for the day.  Mid-afternoon I received the following photos:

From Boy #1:

Jamie's Heart

From Boy #2:

Aidan's HeartFrom my mom:

very cool that whatever was hanging on the line developed into a heart

very cool that whatever was hanging on the line developed into a heart

And then later that evening I was at Blair’s and noticed this on the floor next to the fridge:

Sandy's Heart






Oh Robin…..you had us at Nanu.



I met you through Mork & Mindy, and the Fonz.  I loved you in Popeye and Mrs. Doubtfire and when you starred with Cole Hauser in Good Will Hunting (yes, Cole Hauser was in Good Will Hunting).

You were a comedic genius. One to not be matched.  I can only imagine what you’ve gone through.  It’s dawning on us now that your comedy and humor was used to mask your pain.  You cried the honest-to-goodness tears of a clown.

I pray that you may now find the rest, peace and solace in the next life in Heaven that you were not able to find comfort in here on earth.

You were our friend, Robin Williams.  May you go with God and rest in peace.