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I’ve never pretended to be modest.

BIRTHDAY WEEKBirthday Week is finally here and I’ve already began the preparations and celebrations.

I’m very much looking forward to stuffing my face with Birthday Dinner with my family Friday night. I’ve even given the heads up that there will be no classes Friday evening because I don’t want to teach on my birthday (because I want to eat cake, obvs.). ¬†I plan on having a glass or two of wine afterward (who’s with me?).

Saturday is the main event – after doing my shizz and picking up a friend, I have a massage mid-day, followed by drinks, Sushi dinner with my girls,


and finishing the night off by carrying the party back to a friend’s where, I’m sure we’ll continue to stuff our faces with wine and food.

Yep!  Because my friends and I like to pretend we're a lot classier than we actually are.  :D

Yep! Because my friends and I like to pretend we’re a lot classier than we actually are. ūüėÄ

And Sunday my Birthday Weekend will be topped off by having a wonderful date day with my main squeeze.  I am very much looking forward to it all.

(Oh yeah….Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE sister-in-law! xoxo)


Far Away Fall Love

In my last post I talked about my Aunt Donna who is way too far away from me Рliving in Victoria, BC.  I miss her daily.  She sucks for being on the other side of the country.

But this morning she posted a photo to Facebook and it seems very fitting:


Coco Chanel Love

Okay..not really Coco Chanel.

My aunt Donna – whom I love dearly and I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before – moved to British Columbia 5 years ago and broke my heart. ¬†She’s my mom’s baby sister and is only a handful of years older than me, therefore being more like a big sister to me. ¬†Regardless, I love her. ¬†EVEN when she’s being a dick. ūüėČ

This past year Donna’s had some serious health issues and spent several weeks in the hospital – twice. ¬†We want her to come home, desperately, but since her hubs is military we have she has¬†they have to wait to be posted back in Nova Scotia. ¬†So we are all waiting. ¬†Patiently.

A few months ago Donna got a new kitty – Coco Chanel – and Ms. Coco has been acting as somewhat of a therapy for Donna. ¬†They have daily adventures (crazy cat lady, much??) and it’s great because it gets Donna out and moving and in fresh air and having fun. All of which is fantastic. ¬†I already love Coco.

Then today Donna sent me this:

Miss Coco Chanel

Miss Coco Chanel

Fancy face kitty has a great big HEART on her chest. ¬†She is love. And she’s healing Donna inside and out.