Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Christmas Wish List #1

It’s that time of year again – when I fill your inbox with some of my favorite things and a few items on my wish list.  Yep! You’re welcome!

The first item on my list is actually on both lists – favorite and wish.  It’s Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea.

I’m not a big tea drinker – in fact, I am almost willing to bet I have the wrong genes as I am the only person in my family (that’s including aunts, uncles, cousins) who doesn’t drink tea.  And back in the day I tried to make myself a tea drinker.  Amy Whoreface and I would have little tea parties all the time and try out different flavors.  I usually thought they were gross and would want to douse them with sugar.

But recently a coworker has showered me with love this wonderful tea called Good Earth.  The flavor is Sweet & Spicy and it’s exactly that.

Good Earth

Honestly, I cannot get enough.  I’ve been drinking the caffeine free because I’m partaking in this torturous wonderful elimination diet for my adrenals and I’m off caffeine (and sugar and white flour and…..and it sucks!) and the tea is so delicious.  Yeah, I said it, tea.is.delicious.

Unfortunately, my supply is limited for two reasons: 1) my wonderful co-worker is nearly out and 2) it’s only available in the US.  Whaaat?  Whyyyyy?  (Pssstt…any of my American friends want to send me some tea?  *GRIN*)

So, until I can find a friend to pick me up a few boxes while travelling I have to sip slowly.



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