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Halloween Movie Watching Part 3 and 4

I had an accident almost two weeks ago. And had surgery on my right hand last Friday. That being said, although I haven’t really been able to type about it, we have continued our Halloween movie watching.

One of the movies we recently watched was called Haunt.

This movie, brought to you by the people behind A Quiet Place, is about a group of people who go to a haunted house attraction at a warehouse. Only to find out that the haunts are real and the people behind it, for lack of better terminology, are deranged lunatics. The movie ended up being better than I expected. It’s a Shudder original so if you subscribe, I recommend watching it.

Number 2: Spellbinder

A while back I had read about a movie starring Kelly Preston. Apparently this movie, from the 80s, is hard to come by because #1. It is about Witchcraft and #2. Kelly Preston appears nude. Apparently Kelly’s cult, also known as scientologists, have done everything to ensure this movie is not seen.

But I found it!! To be honest, I don’t know what the scientologists are so afraid of. Because it seems like it’s pretty on par with their little “religion”. Regardless, aside from the cheesy acting, the movie was pretty good, and had a little twist at the end.


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More Must Haves

I had surgery last Friday, a week ago today. In fact, this time last week I was still in surgery. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I’m not working, and have been home dilly-dallying. I watched a few movies, including the new Charlie’s Angels. There is a scene early in the movie where Kristen Stewart is at a boxing gym talking to her colleague, and she is wearing the most drop dead gorgeous lipstick.

I love this shade. And I have been on the hunt for it. I started Googling right away, and came up with several different suggestions. One of them being Ruby Woo by MAC.

I’m not sure if this is accurate. Because Ruby Woo looks a little bit too red, and the lipstick in the photo / movie definitely has a blue undertone. When I did some dupe looking oh, I came up with number 111 by Kate for Rimmel.

Which, I’m not going to lie, I think I like better. It’s definitely a closer match than the Ruby Woo. But, I went to several stores before I actually found it, and when I did, it’s not the same colour. It is more of an orange red. Again, the lipstick I’m looking for has a blue undertone. So now I’ve been on the hunt for Ruby coloured lipsticks.

it has become my mission in life to find a suitable lipstick that closely resembles the lipstick Kristen Stewart is wearing in Charlie’s Angels. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I am on a mad hunt. I may also be a little bit bored.

But seriously, I am here waiting to hear from you.


Feeling Witchy

October is my favorite month, not only because it’s my birthday month, but because October has magic and mystery and charisma. I can’t even verbalize all the things that October has, but it is my favorite.

In fact, Fall is my favorite time of year. Each year when August rolls around, I’m already thinking about Fall and October and all its richness and colors and earthy beauty.

I love the early sunsets in their reds and pinks and the air that October carries that is both warm and cool. And the way the sun can shine on the most mundane of things and have it looks like a perfect piece of nature’s artwork is better left seen, rather than trying to describe it.

And each year at this time I become just a little more obsessed with witches. October brings out the best in me, and feeling a little witchy these days is completely normal.

I’ve been falling asleep to Eastwick the last few nights, as I do nearly every year because it’s still stupid that it was canceled. So every year about this time I break out the nostalgia and rewatch this incredibly quirky, mysterious, sexy show and I feel a little bit more of a twinkle in my eye and a twitch in my nose and I hope for a little more magic.

I’m on vacation this week and have spent the last few days hiking and touring around my province (keeping it in our bubble). Nova Scotia and New England are basically interchangeable…the former often standing in for NE in movies and TV. And as much as I have been obsessed with witches, I’m nearly as obsessed with New England at Halloween. But because the two are so close, and because we are partially locked down due to Covid-19 pandemic, I have been enjoying a taste of New England in my own backyard. Nova Scotia is always beautiful, but during the Fall it is literally breathtaking.

Tell me this place isn’t haunted…(Lunenburg, NS)

Tonight we are staying at a hotel, a gorgeous old Victorian reminiscent of an old gothic mansion, and as we stewed in the hot tub, sipping wine by candlelight, I couldn’t help but think at how it must sound like an old witch’s bubbling cauldron…..toil and trouble and all that.

It has been a long day full of twinkles and twitches and glimmers of things in the moon.


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Halloween Movies Part 2

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Oh my…this movie…..

I have wanted to watch this one for a while now but couldn’t get up the nerve. But last week, we threw ‘er on and, it did not disappoint.

This movie creeped right from the beginning. There is mystery, there is mystic, there is horror and thrills and surprises and twists. So good.

What is disappointing is that movies like this go unnoticed. This film should have had a huge theatrical release and it likely would have many tons of money. But it didn’t. In fact, I only found out about it by Googling (last year) movies to watch for Halloween month. Otherwise, it would have gone unnoticed by one (or two) more viewers.\

So, if opportune knocks and you have the chance to view this movie – DO IT! Preferably at night, in the dark, snuggled up to someone close because it does creep~

Two thumbs up!


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Halloween Movie Watching 2020

Honey Boo and I had started our Halloween movies watching early this year (thanks Covid). But, options are limited (why are so many so-called “horror” movies laced with rapey scenes? Who the hell wants to watch that bullshit? Fuck off!), so a few weeks ago we subscribed to a free month of Shudder. We have been watching some movies here and there and we’re enjoying most of them.

In addition, The Haunting of Bly Manor came to Netflix yesterday so we have gobbled up the first episode so far. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that they are doing their spin on a Turn of the Screw, especially since the first season, The Haunting of Hill House, was so creative and perfect, and especially since The Turning was released earlier this year. We just don’t need two of the same thing.

That being said, we did get to watch a few I have been wanting to see the last several years: The Babadook

This movie was slow getting into. Sloooooow. But eventually, it found its groove and turned out to be not a bad little independent movie. Good for a creep. Especially if you’re watching alone (not me!).

The Witch in the Window

I was so excited for this movie. Mostly because it shared almost the same title as a book that I loved (and scared the shit out of me) as a kid – The Witch at the Window.

But, I’m not going to lie. It was not good. I mean, it was a decent story. And it had a creepy moment or two. But it tried desperately to be something it wasn’t (M. Night Shyamalan) and it did not succeed. I had such high hopes for it. 😦

We still have 21 days until Halloween and I’m keeping my eye out for movies with potential for spooks and scares, and I’m not opposed to your suggestions.


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