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Christmas Yule Blog- Part 6

It’s Christmas Eve!

In fact, it’s 11 o’clock on Christmas Eve and I’m lying in bed watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

It has been the longest and shorted day. I had so much to do today.

I pass this dude daily and yearly

I worked until noon, I dropped off a gift and some cards and had a quickie visit with my cousin in law. We took a photo of our duly wrapped gifts. I was quite proud of my one-hand wrap job. Can you tell which one is mine?

I also had to stop at the store for some last minute items. Once home, I finished the 12Ks of Christmas with a run. I cleaned, made candy cane fudge, showered, wrapped more presents, did my hair (which, let me just say, is not awesome when half your hand has 100% no feeling) and make up, and dressed to the nines. Because that’s what Sandy does.

Honey Boo and I headed to my parents’ for traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Rappie Pie with the family.

When we got home, Honey Boo had to wrap gifts, so I went out for a Christmas Eve Stroll. It is a beautiful night and the temperature continues to rise (although I’d prefer to wake to a blanket of snow).

Once I got back, Santa and I put the gifts under the tree, then watched a little TV. And now I’m ready for sleep, with the kitty curled up on my lap. It’s been a good night.

Merry Christmas (Eve)

Christmas Yule Blog Part 5

It’s the last weekend before Christmas . Can you believe that? The week itself has been jam-packed, as has most of the weekend. But I got a lot accomplished, and although I feel like it’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away, I’m still feeling festive.

We had our first major snowstorm of the season a few days ago, and I decided to go walking in a winter wonderland. It was a beautiful night and the snow was falling hard and . We woke up to a blanket of beautiful white snow. Unfortunately, our weather forecast is calling for mild weather and rain for most of the week, including Christmas Day. There goes our idyllic white Christmas.

Friday morning I was up early to get to the city for an appointment with my surgeon. Normally I would have spent the rest of the day shopping malls and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers. But covid-19 had everything on lockdown, so I have not been able to do any City shopping this year.

That being said, Honey Boo and I were out today to get some shopping done and we work throwing into the middle of hustle and bustle and hectic shoppers. I really miss the good old days before online shopping closed most of our local stores.

Yesterday my friend Amy came over and helped me wrap presents because I’m not fully capable of doing it on my own even the star after surgery. She brought her daughter and I set up a hot chocolate bar for them. We had a great afternoon of wrapping and enjoying Christmas treats.

last night last night Honey Boo and I enjoyed a nice date night. We had mulled wine and watched a Christmas movie together. It was nice to Cozy up in front of the Christmas tree and relax. The weekends are never long enough, especially at Christmas there is always way too much to do.

By the way, if you haven’t tried mulled wine, I highly suggest it.

Right now I’m cozied up on the couch with a Hallmark movie, in front of my Christmas tree, and finally relaxing again. I wrapped more presents tonight and I’m still not done. But, there are still several days ahead of me before Christmas, and I know I will eventually complete all of my tasks. Of course, by then, Christmas will have zoomed by.


Yule Blog Part 4

One thing I look forward to every year is an abundance of Christmas parties and Christmas get-togethers. Whether it’s dinner and drinks at a pub, staff parties with cocktails and fancy dresses, or a good old-fashioned home party, I look forward to them every year. Unfortunately, because covid-19 has screwed up 2020 for the most part, our Christmas festivities have been thrown down the toilet: no House Parties, no real staff parties, and no big get-togethers have got me feeling a little bit blue. Or, let’s be honest, a lot blue.

But, they don’t call me the social butterfly for nothing. As I already mentioned, last week Honey Boo and I got together with some friends for a Christmas dinner of sorts. And this weekend I had organized an intimate evening with some colleagues and Friends at the local Cider House.

There was a small group of us, and we were mostly dressed to the nines, as if you would expect anything less. We had drinks and dinner, and plenty of laughs and stories. It was exactly what I had wanted for the evening.

Especially since I was not able to have my annual Christmas party, which has always been such a big hit in the past. We had a great time and I felt very festive. I think that’s what we all needed.

In addition to not being able to have my Christmas party, we’re not able to have our family party either. As I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. But as we’re pretty much in the second wave of the pandemic, it makes sense to keep our Gatherings small. So that 2021 can see us move past this pandemic.

Tell me how you’re celebrating. Are you having your parties? Are you getting together with your loved ones? How are you coping for Christmas?


Yule Blog Part 3

The last two days it has been snowing. Yesterday morning I woke up to a winter wonderland in my backyard. Although I am hardly ready for winter, the snow does make things feel a little bit more festive.

This morning on my way to work I decided to stop for a peppermint mocha at the little coffee bar in my town. It seemed like the proper hot drink to have this morning with the falling snow. And peppermint mochas always make me feel like Christmas.

One of my colleagues brought in a bunch of treats this morning, Christmas cakes and mulled cider. I had a small taste of cider and it was so Warm & Cozy that I skipped over to the liquor store on my lunch break and picked up a bottle of spicy red wine. I love a good glass of red wine on cold nights, and mulling a spicy red sounds delightful.

But let’s be honest, even a glass of red wine would be great.

What makes you feel festive?


Yule Blog Part 2 – Weekend Kickoff

It’s officially December!  It’s officially the holiday season!   

This weekend was my official Christmas Kick-Off!   

Friday night I had a wonderful date with a friend.  We grabbed some take-out, had some wine, and watched a Hallmark movie.  She even started a fire and we had a cozy little girls’ night. 

Saturday afternoon I spent some hours Christmas shopping. With the second wave of Covid in full effect, I wanted to put a little dent in the gift department before we potentially go into lockdown again. I also got a bunch of decorations and Sunday I spent a good portion of the afternoon putting up my tree and decorating. Of course, within the hour the cat knocked the tree over….not because she is a full-on ass….She used it as leverage to get to the window (we took her chair).

I did my best…

So, outside of the weekend and working, I’ve been doing a little bit more shopping and indulging in Hallmark movies. Eventually I’m going to have to start wrapping these presents, but as it stands I still don’t have full use of my hands post-surgery. My mom suggested gift bags but I’ve already bought oodles of wrapping paper.

And now the weekend is almost here. I have more shopping to do, and Christmas get-togethers to get too. Hopefully covid-19 will not prevent us from celebrating.