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Jingle Belle

We’re just a few mere days away from December and I’ve been furiously working on becoming Christmas spirited.

It’s Black Friday Weekend and I had plans for weeks to get out shopping. And I did. But let me take you back to the start of the weekend.

Friday night I met up with a girlfriend right after work for cocktails and music. We had Christmas sangria while we talked and laughed and sang along (very loudly!) to the performer. It wasn’t specifically Christmas tunes, but he threw in a few carols, and the night was exactly what I’ve been needing as I continue to crawl out of my funk. We had a (snow) ball.

Yesterday, Saturday, I headed out for a day of sale shopping with another friend. The hustle and bustle of Black Friday was full effect. I felt like Wilma and Betty with their charge cards.

The crowds were pleasing and we zig-zagged throughout the mall and shops, bypassing strangers and friends all with the same mission for the day.

We tried on Christmas party dresses and picked out presents and made notes for our Wish Lists (see below).

(Honestly, if I had seen this, I probably would have just grabbed it.)

We took in the decorations and the scents and starry-eyed gazes of the kids lined up to see Santa and Woody the Talking Tree.

Today I put up my Christmas tree and decorations while Hallmark movies played in the background. A Christmas candle is burning and my lights are glowing, and although the weather today is warm and sunny, I feel like the season is definitely upon us. And I’m breathing it in.

Sunday Morning After – Yule Blog (Part 1)

It’s about 5pm on Sunday. I’m sitting in my living room watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, sipping warm mulled wine, and listening to the wind blow and snow fall outside. That’s right! It’s snowing! It started around lunch time and has been coming down heavily ever since. I’m not prepared for the snow. I’m not ready for road salt and slushy walks and soppy socks. But I am ready for the holidays to start. And this weekend has booted it into full force.

This weekend kicked off the annual Holly Days in my town. The last few years I’ve made the efforts to get my butt out there and get into the swing of Christmas things, and I stayed true to my newest tradition.

Friday happened to be my day off, and I woke up to a dusting of snow on the lawns. This was perfect coinciding with the later evening’s festivities. I soaked in my hot tub and watched the sun burst through the sky, however, and what little snow remained was soon gone…melted away by a determined sunshine, in spite of it being ridiculously cold. I was excited for what was to come in the evening. I had plans with a friend, and a hoard of ideas for how we were going to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.  But, a half hour before I was set to head out, she texted me that she was ill and was canceling.  Not a huge problem. But these community activities are always more fun with a friend. Fortunately, BFF Angie invited me to come with her and her kids. And that’s what I did. Plans were a little bit different than I had initially intended, but we had a fantastic time! We got to see Santa, we got to mingle with friends and our town, we got to see the tree lighting, and we got to have dinner together. The kids had a great time and so did Angie and I.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the annual Acadia Craft Expo. As noted in past entries, Amy and I have had a standing date for this event for years. Amy, a graphic designer, has designed for this for years and always gets us free tickets. It’s always a lot of fun for us. We spend most of the fair getting tipsy on boozy vendor samples and spending too much money on things we don’t need. I held myself back this year and only got the basics…wine (from a vendor I fell in love with last year), and a garlic brush. I also brought home some candy cane fudge, but only because I had to break a $10 for Amy and it just felt right to do this. The fudge is good but way too rich and sweet. It’s a one bite is enough kind of thing, and believe me, as good as it is, one bite is more than enough.

With today’s snowfall, Sunday seems to have solidified the beginning of the Christmas season for me.