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Yule Blog – And Just Like That, It’s Over

It’s Boxing Day morning. I’ve been awake for hours. I never sleep anymore. I’m always waking when it’s still pitch dark outside, a side effect combination of going to the gym early, insomnia, and a mild depression. Awake, alert, and mindful of what’s in my head. I crawled out of bed a few hours ago while Husband slumbered and snored. The cat and I watched a Hallmark movie together, one that allowed tears to well in my eyes, until the Husband got up and we finished it together.

But in my solitude of the morning, I thought back to Christmases gone by; to the days when I was a kid and Christmas Day and Boxing Day were spent visiting family, traveling from house to house to house. We had grandparents and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides. We made our rounds of visits, taking a toy or two with us, seeing what Santa brought everyone, snacking on treats, although my brother and I were usually gorged on chocolate or candy, and playing with the other kids. We’d often get home after dark, which, could have been 5pm or 11pm, have turkey dinner leftovers, and settle in for the night.

But, now that we’re grown, those visits have stopped. Yesterday, Husband and I lounged around after we opened gifts, we watched a movie, had a hot tub date, made food to take for Christmas dinner, and basically relaxed for a few hours before the chaos began.

Mid-afternoon, we headed to my parents’ home early to have Christmas with them and my brother’s family (aka opening presents) before we had our big Christmas dinner. The chaos is less and less as my nephews are getting older. I miss the days of them being itty bitty, running around with excitement and squealing with glee as I tickled them and tossed them in the air, or as they opened their gifts. Teenagers know no joy.

Instead of visits with oodles of family today on Boxing Day, here I am, writing my memoir, contemplating going to the gym, tidying up, and allowing myself to be somewhat lazy – for the time being.


Yule Blog – Christmas Eve

It’s so late. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m tired out. I’ve been up since about 6am. I’ve had a full day. Husband and I had to run to the mall this morning for a few last minute items, and once we returned, I was just on the go-go-go. I made two kinds of fudge, two candy cane pies, cleaned up my horrid mess, threw on laundry, jumped in my hot tub for a quick 15, then showered and began the process of getting ready for the evening. While I air-dried my hair, I wrapped about a billion presents and loaded them into the car, and under the tree.

Once ready, we headed to my parents’ house for traditional Christmas Eve dinner with my family. It was a quick evening. Back in the day, Christmas Eve meant church, two sets of grandparent visits with tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides. There was always a lot of chaos and laughter and food and fun. We kids would be wound for sound but would fight off our parents when it was time to go home. Of course, we had to go. We knew Santa was on the way and we needed to be home and tucked away in bed, asleep, in order for his visit.

The drives home we often quiet, as we struggled to keep our eyes open. I have no idea what the average time was when we would eventually leave, but it always felt so late – as if we played into the wee hours of the morning. It might have only been 10 o’clock, but I never knew. I just knew I was up way past my bedtime and would sleep like a rock that night.

Christmas Eves are different now. But my parents have kept the tradition of hosting the same Christmas Eve dinner we’ve always indulged in, my nephews are getting older, but they’re still capable of hugging and laughing and agitating each other. There’s lots of noise, not noise like when I was growing up, but still the noise of stories and laughter and arguing (because it’s not Christmas unless someone argues). And I’m still fighting to keep my eyes open. Even as I sit here typing, with Home Alone playing in the background. My lids are getting heavy and I know Santa is on his way. It feels like I’ve played again into the wee hours of the morning. But it’s not yet midnight.

Merry Christmas.

Yule Blog – Winery Light Tour

It’s a little after 7 Christmas Eve morning and I’ve gotten my wish of sipping liquid gold in front of my glowing Christmas tree. There’s a Christmas movie playing in the background, I’m not really paying attention to it. We were fortunate enough to not lose power. But I’m certain enough of the province is scrambling without lights and heat and trying to figure out what they’ll now do for Christmas dinner. I’m hoping the damage is minimal.

Earlier this week I had a mini adventure with Ames. Benjamin Bridge, a local winery, has had a beautiful light display for the month. It’s free. You can stop inside the winery and grab yourself a glass of wine (the Riesling is delish!) or hot chocolate or cider, and then tour the grounds. There are outside firepits set upon cobblestone ground, dining tables outside directly underneath blazing heaters, or you can roam inside to tour the winery, the shop, or to sit and sip. Bring your own snacks and delight in the atmosphere.

Amy and I had a fun little tour and I’m so glad we went. The next day, a group of work friends were planning to go. I was still on the fence about going because, well, I’d just been there the night before. But I had complete FOMO. So I talked another Fencer into going. We made a pinky promise to leave by a certain time. And we had a fantastic time. With no FOMO.

My heart needed the uplifting. It was a fun few nights. And my friends are pretty fantastic. We indulged in each other’s company, we laughed, we sipped, we gobbled up snacks, and we toasted to each other. Clink. Cheers.


Yule Blog – Tibbs Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

It’s late-ish Friday night, the night before Christmas Eve. It’s been a long day. In fact, it’s been a long week. I’m exhausted. I’ve had a busy day – and week. As usual, I was up at 5am to hit the gym before moving onto work. Our office closed at noon (and we did the least amount of work possible), I left at noon, I got home at . Did I mention it was a long day?

But, I got my hair done, I got to spend time with cousins and a puppy, I got ALL my Christmas shopping (and some grocery shopping) finished; wrapped presents, had a date with my husband, and now, here I am, hunkering down; trying to unwind. Here in Nova Scotia we are having some sort of hurricane, unusual for this time of year, normally we’d be having a snowstorm. But, this Tibbs Eve the winds are blowing and the rains are coming down with a vengeance. There are already tons of people without power, and our lights just flickered.

This week has been so much better than the last few; aside from one bad day, I’ve been feeling a tad better than I have been. My friends have embraced me, trying to heal me, not giving me the time to feel the ache in the pit of my stomach or the wrench of my heart. My week has been very fulfilled and that, in itself, has been a gift of Christmas.

Tomorrow is a big day. Bigger than Christmas. Tomorrow will bring excitement and busyness and stress. I know it’s coming. It will be there when I wake up in the morning. Thankfully, I don’t have to get up and hit the gym or go to work. My goal for tomorrow morning is to linger in sleep as long as I can (I had difficulty sleeping this week and I look forward to an uninterrupted slumber), and when I decide to haul my lazy butt out of bed, I want to spend part of my morning in front of the glow of my Christmas tree, sipping my coffee, and being present in the solitude of the morning before Christmas.

I know that eventually, I’ll have plenty to do – finish wrapping presents, getting the house in order, preparing food, and getting ready for Christmas Eve festivities.

But, in the morning, before the rest of the world (or household) is stirring, I just want to be alone with my tree, leaving my thoughts behind, and letting go of my heavy heart. Just me, my tree, and the silence of the morning before Christmas.


What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

We all have our favorite Christmas movies, right? I have a few staples that are musts each year. My top 5 favorites are:

  1. One Magic Christmas
  2. The Holiday
  3. Elf
  4. Home Alone
  5. Christmas Under Wraps (I know, so lame)

Of course, however, we are in the height of Hallmark season and this year, there have been some gems splattered across the screens. My picks for must-watch this year:

  1. Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas.

Oh boy! A message left at the wrong phone number and a whole bunch of other things thrown into the mix. This movie has a likeable cast, a good story, and a few twists and turns that you might not see coming. It brought a few tears to my eyes. But it was so good.

2. Three Wise Men & A Baby (starring the cutest baby EVER!)

Apparently, this is the most watched Hallmark movie of 2022. It was pretty cute. A Christmas spin on an old story, with three guys kinda living up to Ted, Steve, and Tom’s standards. And, to top it off, also starring someone from the original Three Men and A Baby. And did I mention it has the cutest baby ever??

Also, Tyler Hynes stars in both of the above movies. I have no idea who he is or where he came from, but this sweater-wearing bearded guy with the smart quips adds a ton of charisma to these cheesy flicks.

3. Long Lost Christmas

Another interesting premise. Girl finds out her mother has a long lost brother and decides to try and find him. Ends up in a cute, quaint town with Christmas markets and a love interest. Predictable, but still good.

Honourable Mention:

I watched this one a few years ago and I feel like it needs to be in this list. It will break your heart. I’m sorry.

Now tell me….what’s your favorite Christmas movie?


Countdown to Christmas – Two Weeks! (And I’m trying to keep my head above water.)

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here sitting coffee by the Christmas tree, aglow, light up the room in the dim morning.  I’ve now sat down 4 or 5 times to write this post and hopefully, this time, I’ll complete it.

I got in Friday afternoon, my day off, from Christmas shopping.  I sat down to start typing but I realized my spirit is still low.  I’m not struggling like I was in October, and I’m definitely sleeping better, but I’m still feeling this lull throughout me.  A lull I have not felt in many years.  But I’m working on it.  I’m working on it.  

This weekend I put a tiny little dent in my shopping, but I’m not even close to being finished.  At least I’ve started.  Yesterday I hummed and hawed throughout the morning deciding on whether I wanted to go to the gym or not, or do much of anything, really.  Husband and I hit the mall mid-morning to do a wee bit of Christmas shopping, and when we got home, I decided to go to head out to get a workout in, with the expectation that, on the way home, I would stop to shop more.  Ames met me and we spent a few hours loading up our shopping baskets and exploring a few shops.  It was mini-therapy that I definitely needed.

I spent last Saturday making goodies…Candy Cane Fudge, Truffles, Cranberry Butter, and Dip (my famous Chicken Dip!).  Husband and I went to our first Christmas party of the year that night and I brought a slew of food (and wine) with us.  It was a fun night and I breathed it all in.  The music, the laughs, the company.  Thankfully, it’s not the last party and I’m looking forward to the next one.  Actually, I’m excited for it.  Music and friends and family and fun.

Some days I’m exuberant and excited and living in the moment.  And other days, I feel like I have this constant ache in my soul that just won’t let up.  It feels like a punch in the heart all the time.

Today looks like snow.  Maybe a little bit of snow will help lift the weight off my shoulders.  My goal today is to dig out all the gifts I’ve collected so far and figure out what’s left to do.  And also to get more baking done.  There are things I wants to see and do this week.  Things that might help lift my spirit a little. We will see what happens.  We will see where the week takes me.


Cranberry Butter

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make something Christmassy.  The idea popped into my head one morning, and I gave it a quick thought and came up with Cranberry Butter.  Wait.  Is that even a thing?  I’ve made pumpkin butter in the past, and I’ve heard of apple butter.  But cranberry butter?  

So I kept it on my radar and did some Googling here and there over the weeks.  None of the recipes I stumbled upon were quite what I was looking for.  I wanted something simple and light, nothing too decadent or rich in calories (some recipes call for a ton of actual butter and that is not what I wanted), that would pair well in the morning with toast, or to dip apple slices in.  So, I came up with my own self-sufficing recipe and it turned out perfectly.

Cranberries (pureed)

Apple sauce

Chinese Spice (clove, cinnamon, star anise…some other things)

A Squeeze of orange and 

A little orange zest

Throw everything in a pot and bring to a boil.  Once it boils, reduce heat and continue cooking (and stirring) for 10 minutes.  Reduce to simmer and allow ingredients to thicken. 

Best Christmas Surprise

Last year, my Aunt began a weekly tradition in which, on Wednesday evenings, she would have an open invitation to friends and family to visit and watch a Hallmark movie.  I had wanted to go, but I live an hour and a half away from her and it’s not always so easy to get down and back and ready for bed and up at 5am.  But, a few weeks ago, my mom and I vowed to go and my aunt, Donna, suggested November 30 would be the perfect night to visit.  I had it in my head that this was going to be a viewing of Candace Cameron Bure’s newest holiday movie, because Donna is a huge fan of CCB’s.  

That morning, I sent Donna a message stating that I was excited.  Her response:  “You should be!”
Hmm….  Was something up?  Or should I just be excited to go down for a visit?

I ditched work an hour early on Wednesday, and my mere and I made the trek down to the City.  My sister-in-law also joined us, but she met up with us shortly after we arrived. 

Donna buzzed us in and we crept our way up the elevator and down the hall.  When we reached her door, my uncle slowly opened it and greeted us.  When we walked in, Donna told us to “stop right there”……okay, our shoes were already off, so that wasn’t it.  I set down my bag and Starbucks cup, and prepared myself for a cat to run out in a Santa suit (which is totally normal for Coco to do, btw), but instead, my cousin came out of hiding from the bedroom.  I grabbed her and hugged her forever. 

She now lives in British Columbia and was not able to get home for my wedding last year.  It’s been several years since we’ve seen her.  She snuggled up with me during the movie, and we dropped F bombs in the bathroom while I straightened my hair.  It was a wonderful surprise and the perfect present.  ❤️   And totally worth the terrible Hallmark movie we watched (and my SIL laughed at throughout).

Sunday Morning After – Yule Blog (Part 1)

It’s about 5pm on Sunday. I’m sitting in my living room watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, sipping warm mulled wine, and listening to the wind blow and snow fall outside. That’s right! It’s snowing! It started around lunch time and has been coming down heavily ever since. I’m not prepared for the snow. I’m not ready for road salt and slushy walks and soppy socks. But I am ready for the holidays to start. And this weekend has booted it into full force.

This weekend kicked off the annual Holly Days in my town. The last few years I’ve made the efforts to get my butt out there and get into the swing of Christmas things, and I stayed true to my newest tradition.

Friday happened to be my day off, and I woke up to a dusting of snow on the lawns. This was perfect coinciding with the later evening’s festivities. I soaked in my hot tub and watched the sun burst through the sky, however, and what little snow remained was soon gone…melted away by a determined sunshine, in spite of it being ridiculously cold. I was excited for what was to come in the evening. I had plans with a friend, and a hoard of ideas for how we were going to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.  But, a half hour before I was set to head out, she texted me that she was ill and was canceling.  Not a huge problem. But these community activities are always more fun with a friend. Fortunately, BFF Angie invited me to come with her and her kids. And that’s what I did. Plans were a little bit different than I had initially intended, but we had a fantastic time! We got to see Santa, we got to mingle with friends and our town, we got to see the tree lighting, and we got to have dinner together. The kids had a great time and so did Angie and I.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the annual Acadia Craft Expo. As noted in past entries, Amy and I have had a standing date for this event for years. Amy, a graphic designer, has designed for this for years and always gets us free tickets. It’s always a lot of fun for us. We spend most of the fair getting tipsy on boozy vendor samples and spending too much money on things we don’t need. I held myself back this year and only got the basics…wine (from a vendor I fell in love with last year), and a garlic brush. I also brought home some candy cane fudge, but only because I had to break a $10 for Amy and it just felt right to do this. The fudge is good but way too rich and sweet. It’s a one bite is enough kind of thing, and believe me, as good as it is, one bite is more than enough.

With today’s snowfall, Sunday seems to have solidified the beginning of the Christmas season for me.


The Air Out There

We are two days away from Halloween – and I just can’t get in the mood.

Every year I look forward to October (my favorite month!) and to Fall and to Halloween. But this year, I’m just not feeling any of it.

I have been extremely sleep deprived lately; having another onset of insomnia episodes. I’ll fall asleep fairly easily, most of the time, but waking up as early as 1am, without the ability to get back to sleep. My mind reels, and then I get angry, and I lay there. Wide Awake, waiting to get up and start my damn day. And with the sleep deprivation comes emotional roller coasters. It’s terrible. I don’t feel like myself a lot of the time; and the last few days I’ve been going through a depression that 100% got the best of me yesterday. I cried off and on for most of the day, to the point I was sobbing in a restaurant (which resulted in our server asking twice if she could give me a hug), sobbing in my car in the parking lot of a grocery store, sobbing in my bathtub, and sobbing in my husband’s arms. On top of sobbing at work and having minor meltdowns throughout the day. Last night, however, I had a few glasses of wine with a girlfriend after work, and then taking a few sleeping pills before bed. I slept about 10 hours, with the exception of a 5am wide awake, staring at walls session, before drifting back off. My body and mind needed the recoup.

That’s who I’ve been lately. That’s not who I am normally. And it’s affecting my outlook on everything, including my love and excitement of Halloween.

We have also been experiencing an Indian Summer of sorts ’round these parts, with warm weather and humidity, and it hasn’t felt too much like autumn weather this month. With the exception of today. This morning we woke to frosty lawns and air so cold we could see our breath. And of course, the sunshine and changing colors of trees and falling leaves have all left us with the impression of a regular October, for the most part, it’s felt like an extension of summer, complete with mosquitos.

I haven’t even participated in any spooky movies for October. Although, we did watch the new Halloween a few days ago and it sucked terribly. Honestly, whose idea was that? I was rooting for Michael Myers this time.

But yesterday. Let me tell you about yesterday morning. When I left my gym shortly after 7 am, I came outside to darkness, as the sun struggled to come up, and as I walked to my car, I took a deep, long inhale and it smelled like Christmas! The air was crispy, but not cold, and I could taste cool December and cloves and chimney smoke. And I am so entirely in the mood for Christmas. I cannot wait to start watching Hallmark movies and decorating and sharing glasses of spiced wine while sugar cookie candles burn. Maybe Christmas is what I need to bring me out of this funk that I feel I have fallen so deep into. I crave the noise of carols playing while we roam streets, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, and the crowds of people who walk by smiling while struggling to balance their bags of presents and food.

I cannot wait to be in it. To be in the air of Christmas and the full fledge of holidays. I am not looking forward to cold weather and wearing boots (and pants!) and having cold toes all the time. But I am eager to become overjoyed with the abundance of love and gratefulness that oncoming Christmas makes me feel.

The air out there changes me. And I am desperate to breathe it in.

Coping with Covid

How is everyone’s isolation going?  This week hasn’t been too bad.  Especially since missing our wedding this past weekend, I am doing fairly well.

I must say that my first few weeks of isolation were not great for my mental health.  I’m too much of an extrovert and social butterfly (duh) to be kept from the rest of the world.  But, thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life and I am getting by and struggling a little less.

I have been teaching my boot camps and personal training via Zoom and other social media video platforms and that has been going pretty fantastic.  I’ve also been doing my own fitness thing – working out, running, walking, participating in a new 60 day challenge.  I’ve been reading – I finished John Grisham’s recent book and started a Candace Cameron book.   I’ve been engaging in some really great conversations.  We’ve been watching some really bad movies thanks to Prime and Netflix.  I mean seriously bad…so dumb, so lame.  I’ve been packing.  I’ve been snuggling with my cat a lot.  Thankfully she snuggles back.

I’ve been having weird nightmares since isolation began.  I’ve probably had 5 or 6 or 7 terrible nightmares.  The other night I woke up after having a nightmare.  The poor Man didn’t know what to think.  I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, and my heart rate was through the roof.  I’m not sure if they’re caused from stress or what…but I am not a fan.

Thankfully I am back to work for the next couple of days and then isolation for another week.  It’s great to get out of the house and see people.  I feel comfortable at work.  Although, we have all had our stressful moments.

So that is it for my little update…simply because I cannot think of anything to post.  I’m sure something will come to me.


Today is My Wedding Day……

Today is my wedding day.

At least, today was supposed to be my wedding day.  If all had gone as planned, I would be getting ready to walk down the aisle right now.

But Covid-19 happened.  And my dreams of a gorgeous May wedding have been spoiled by a virus that just won’t quit.


I’m sad.  To say the least, I’m sad.  And I’m mad.  In fact, I’m pissed off.  This is a day I have waited way too long for, and although we have set a new date, it’s not the date I wanted.  And who knows if it will happen then?


Honestly, the face I’ve been making since we had to postpone.

So I’m sitting here in solitude (kinda – the man is sitting here also), sipping my coffee, and thinking about what this day should have been.  I’m thinking about my designer dress – the only one sold in Canada, by the way – that I have had and been waiting to wear for the last 8 months; I’m thinking about celebrating my union with my family and friends – the people we love.

But for now, I will sit here and be pissed off….but also be thankful that we are safe and healthy and together.  But still pissed off!!



Lady Slippers and Tea Leaves

It would seem that Spring has finally arrived here in Nova Scotia….although, earlier this week we were hit with a mild snowstorm, most of it has melted except for those places a little higher up.  Those poor folks are still living in a winter wonderland.  But right now, here in my backyard, it is a gorgeous sunny and warm afternoon.  I’m lounging in capris and flip flops, and I’m basking in the sunny glow, while my old man neighbor across the field smokes pot and talks way too loud.  Ahh….Spring.
I love these days.  The light breeze and the start of May on the horizon.  It brings me back to a time much better, much easier, much more calm.  To childhood adventures and memories.  To those days when life was just about living and playing.  To a time when we weren’t waking up each morning to pandemic and isolation and killer viruses.
I grew up in rural Nova Scotia.  Far away from city life and brick buildings in every direction, no matter where you turn.  I grew up in a place surrounded by woods and foliage and adventure.  We could ride our bikes or play in the woods on our land all day and not get bored, and not have to worry about much of anything.
When we were little, my mother would take my brother and me for little adventures…bike rides and walks in the woods.  Each Spring she would guide us around the trees and the mossy mounds and let us pick May Flowers and Tea Leaves (if you chew them, they taste like spearmint, she would say).  And we would find as many Lady Slippers as possible, but always she warned us not to pick them because they were becoming endangered.
Each year, with the discovery of the new season, the rebirth of the living land, I think back to those times.  I look, everywhere I go, for Lady slippers and May Flowers and tea leaves.  And I hang on tight to those memories of my childhood and try to forget about the moments I am in.

In the Outfield

When I was 12, my brother and I joined a softball team.  I was not overly athletic when I was little, but I was excited to join.  After our first few practices, my friend Kim, who was staying at our place for a few days, tagged along to a practice.  She decided to join the team too and it made for elation.

Our little team, the Boulders, was terrible.  Oh my gosh, we were so bad.  Not necessarily at the game, but we were a new team with no money, a weirdo for a coach, and our home field was nothing to write (home) about.   I should also state that for the first few weeks I was sporting a coach on a broken left arm. And I’m super clumsy.  So, I was determined not to get hit or re-injured.  Kim always has said that I looked like a little ballerina out there…swinging the bat with one arm.

I was terrified of the ball too.  I hated being stuck in right field, which I often was.  Probably because most hits are center or to the left.  Which, I was relieved for, but also terrified that the ball would come at me.  But eventually, I got less scared, I got more aggressive (not a lot back then, but some), and my eventually my cast came off.

And as I improved, so did our team.  Our community rallied around us and our field got some maintenance; our dugouts cleaned up, and we got a snack shack.  AND eventually, we got team uniforms: Horrendous lime green tshirts and matching hats with our team name on them.  They were so ugly, but we looked great as a team!

lime green

Honestly, I WISH we looked this good.  (NOT US)

We started getting more spectators.  We were invited to tournaments (most of I’m sure we lost – but maybe not).  My skills improved and eventually I was moved out of right field and into centerfield *mic drop!*

We played through summer nights and in the rain and we played in the hottest of tournaments, having to have our parents drive us home in between games sometimes to shower or to at least get us out of the heat.  Our little team was a family and we had so much fun.  I loved our baseball team.  We lasted two incredible  seasons.

But by the time the third season rolled around, some of the team moved up to the next level because of age – including my brother and Kim.  Gah!  The whole point of our team was to be together and now we were breaking up.

So some of us moved up to another team, and some of us stayed behind to hold fort in our main team, with new players joining ranks.  I stayed and I played.  But it wasn’t the same.  And by this time, I was good.  I was a good hitter (well, definitely better than my casted ballerina days), and I was a great outfielder.  And I had a mouth made for baseball.  But it wasn’t the same.

I played that summer and that was it.  I played on the girls’ team in high school for a minute and a half, but didn’t finish the season (helloo, social life), which I kind of regret.  And there have been times I have wanted to join a team in my adult time, but just never bothered.  Those days of playing ball in the summers with my friends were some of the best of childhood.  And for that, I always keep my baseball mitt in my trunk, just in case someone, somewhere has a pick-up game going.

Each time I drive by our old field, it makes me sad.  The field is overgrow, the snack shack and dugouts are caved in and decrepit, the mound is unseen, the fences falling down.  Our home field has become a graveyard for our youth, and our memories of those glorious days are all we have left.


Still not us

There are no new teams.  The children are busy playing online games or surfing Instagram.  But me, I would never, in a million years, trade in those summer days with my friends under the hot sun, under the cool night skies, and on the green grass, swinging a bat and sliding into home.
















Coffee and Wine

It’s Easter Monday of quarantine.  I’m sitting in my living room.  I have chickpeas roasting in the oven and they smell so good.  I’m tossing them in a salad, but I feel like I could just got out right now and eat a handful of them.

Today was the first day I didn’t get up and stress and strain myself right away.  I relaxed, I watched a movie and drank coffee and snuggled with my cat.  It was quite lovely.  But, by 11 am I was Video training with my quarantine workout buddy, Amy (some of you might remember her as Amy Whoreface).  And of course, I went for my walk, and I have a run planned for later.  My days are stitched together like that…by coffee and workouts and wine.


In fact, that’s pretty much all I want to do: drink coffee, exercise, and drink wine.  But don’t get worried.  I’m barely drinking wine.  Thankfully though, my friend and coworker brought me a bottle of home brew and I am definitely looking forward to popping that cork.  I’m so excited and appreciative of it that I’ve been trying so hard to get over the fact that she put an apostrophe in “Summers”.


Oh how I long for the days of social distancing to be over.  I would give anything to be with my friends and my family.  I can’t wait to be able to go to the bar for a glass of red and some in person laughter.

wine glass

I miss my running buddy (although my alone running time has been impeccable); I miss my gym fam and my bootcampers.  I can’t wait to hug my nephews and my BFFs.

In the meantime, I’ll take bad movies, video workouts, calls with friends, and wine and coffee.




Covid-19 can go suck it!  Seriously.  SUCK IT!

These are terrible, scary, frustrating, unprecedented times, and, like many, my mood has been up and down.  My new office has us working in teams so we each do two days a week.  The rest of the time I’m home (where you should be too) and I’m bored.  Trying desperately to stay busy.  I’ve been cleaning (I’m supposed to be packing), working out a lot (running, walking, hosting online personal training and boot camp sessions), reading, and chatting.  Let me just say that video chats can be a life saver if you need that face-to-face contact.

I did also learn how to make Dalgona Coffee – and if you haven’t tried this yet, you should.  It’s literally 3 ingredients: instant coffee, sugar (I used Stevia), and hot water.  And, of course, your milk of choice (I used almond). And then you get this beautiful, delicious creation:


Google it for directions

Also, the Man and I have been watching a lot of crappy movies on Prime (because it seems like it’s only crappy movies on Prime).  Some of them are okay and some of them are just.so.bad.

For instance, we watched Beneath this past weekend; a lake monster movie which could have so much potential, but ended up just sucking.


Just more evidence for Sandy to NOT go in the water

Honestly, I actually said to him part-way thru the movie that I hope they all die!!  The characters were terrible people, and terrible actors.  And, the movie takes place over just a matter of hours, yet these idiots were completely insane.  I was rooting for the fish!

That being said, I am open to suggestions of things to watch on Prime or Netflix.  I know it’s not all bad – it just seems that way.

What have you been doing/watching doing isolation?

~Stay safe.

That Tired!

I’m normally a jump out of bed type of person.  I have never hit the snooze alarm in my life.  In fact, I don’t really understand it.  Why would you want to interrupt your sleep just to hear that God-awful alarm go off again (and again and again)?  Instead, why not just automatically set your alarm for those extra minutes to begin with.  I mean, if you know you’re going to hit the snooze anyway……. Doesn’t that just make more sense?

For the last few years, I have been, on and off, getting up extra early on occasion to either go running, or to the gym, or to teach a boot camp class.  And I love it.  I love the feeling of accomplished so early in the day.

That being said, teaching a high-intensity boot camp class Monday mornings is not all that easy, because often I will have a hard time sleeping Sunday night.  In fact, I try to get up extra early on Sundays so that I can sleep more easily those evenings.  This past Sunday, that did not happen and I was exhausted Monday morning.

I woke up extra early, about an hour before my alarm was set to go off, so around 20 to 5.  I laid there hoping for another hour of sleep but it never came.  So I got up and got my day started and went off to teach my class.  Followed by a full day of work, and ending with another boot camp class.  When I got home, I threw on laundry and made dinner.  I was exhausted.


So exhausted that (and yes, this is 100% the point of this post) I put on my oven mitt to take the mayonnaise out of the fridge!!  Yep.  That is all.  Bedtime came soon after that epic moment.


In the Tall Grass (Don’t Watch It!)

I managed to watch another “horror” movie the other night with some friends.  And let me just say that the only thing horrific about this movie is the time I wasted watching it that I will never get back.  Oy!


The only thing evil is the trickery they’ve used to get us to watch it.

The movie is called In the Tall Grass (2019) and is co-written by Stephen King.  And of course, it is a little messed up, as is most things written by Stephen King.  But this movie is just fawkkkked!  Honestly.  I can’t even tell you how craptastic it is.  But I also don’t want you to watch it because it’s just that bad.
What makes it worse on worse is that it co-stars Patrick Wilson.  And I really hate that guy!  It’s like when Fisher Stevens was on Friends and played Roger the therapist and everyone said “I hate that guy!”….that’s how I feel about Patrick Wilson….only more!\



I’m just gonna go ahead and spoil this idiotic piece of garbage for you.  Brother and sister hear a kid in the grass calling for help.  They go looking for him.  They lose each other.  They can’t find the kid.  The grass is never ending.  There’s a giant rock with some old lingo carved into it not sure if it’s Native or Alien or something else.  They meet Patrick Wilson.  He’s a creepy devil type dude.  He has touched the rock and the rock has powers.  The sister’s boyfriend comes looking for her.  She is pregnant.  They see themselves dead over and over.  It is very Groundhog Day-esque.  Patrick Wilson wants to sacrifice the sister’s baby (she’s pregnant) and the grass people want him to.  It’s SOOOO messed up.
That’s it.  To be honest, I can’t even tell you any more because it just makes me that angry.  Don’t watch it.  It’s garbage!

The Boy

Well, after posting my Halloween movie watching fail yesterday, the Man and I decided to watch The Boy (2016).
I had seen the trailer in 2016 and was like…..yeah, NO.   Nope.  No way.  FAWK THAT!!
But, a while ago one of my friends had seen the movie and passed on the gist of the ending – so I was a little more prepared.  It was like when someone spoiled Fight Club for me…I reacted to the movie a lot better knowing what kind of insanity was happening.
I don’t always (let’s be honest – ever) like being scared – especially when it comes to dolls, ghost stories, kids, possession….yeah, mostly the basics.  So thankfully, my friend spoiled this movie and I could chill out a bit.  A BIT.
This movie…W.T.F.??  The premise of the story is that Greta (aka Maggie from The Walking Dead) moves from the US to England to become a nanny for a couple for their boy, Brahams.  When Greta is introduced to the boy by his parents (who are old – grandparent age), she is shocked to find that Brahams is actually a doll.  A creepy-ass mofo, but still, a doll.
The parents have all kinds of rules and schedules for her to follow and they treat Brahams just like a real boy, Pinocchio.  When the parents hit the road for what turns out to be an extended vacation, Greta is left in this creepy old death house mansion with the damn doll, er boy, er doll?


Maggie…..Put DOWN the doll!  Walk away girl….walk.away.

All kinds of shenanigans incur, and at one point during the movie I said to the Man “At this point, she deserves whatever happens to her because she has had ample opportunity to leave that damn creep-ass shit”.  Seriously.  A.  There is no way I would have stayed in that gigantor house alone with a damn doll that gets up and moves around freely on its own.  Nor would I have stayed past any of the other encounters.  In fact, as soon as I realized the boy was a damn doll, I would have said “See ya!” and bolted.  


That’s right…>BYE FELICIA!!!!

There were plenty of yelps and jumps from us while watching.  And it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.  And there are some twists and turns just to make it that much more creeptastic.  So I was pleased that my horror movie watching finally got started.


I have been trying desperately to get into the Halloween movie-watching mood.  But this year I am failing.  I, as always, have a list of scary or creepy movies I want to watch before October 31, but I just haven’t been in the mood.  I haven’t even watched Hocus Pocus yet.  *gasp*  I KNOW!
I have attempted several movies – but, as noted above, have failed.
I have tried to watch the following movies the past week or so:

1.Ghoulies.  Nope.  Couldn’t do it.  After 15 or 20 minutes, I had to turn that shit off.  So bad!!

2.The Haunting (1963).  I have seen this movie before, years ago.  But this time (and maybe then too), I found it very boring.  And annoying.  I thought Lily Taylor was annoying in the remake, but Julie Harris needs a little throat punching too.

3. White Zombie (1932).  This had promise.  It still might.  But I was so bored after a good half hour that I couldn’t deal with it anymore.  Spoiler alert…the zombies are just people.  There’s no blood, no zombie make-up or ghoulishness tho.  Just people.  And in black and white (1932), it’s hard to distinguish from the living and the dead.

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968).  I saw this movie a long, LONG time ago too. And it’s not too bad.  The lead female, Barbra, needs some throat punching.  I fell asleep watching it, so I will have to finish.  Again, the zombies could use a little more distinguishing characteristics…blood, more goth looking faces, something.

I will have to try harder…because, Halloween is in a week and I’m not quite there yet.






Don’t Sacrifice Humor

In keeping with the October/Halloween theme….here’s a little anecdote for the day.

I can be a bit of an ass.  At work, I have had an ongoing ass-feud (that sounds weird) with one of my coworkers.  There are many stories I can tell, but I’ll save those for another day.  Yesterday, however, this co-worker (let’s call him Bob) used our firm calendar to plug in his appointment for blood donation.  He scheduled it so it says “Bob blood”.  Since it is the firm calendar, it is public to everyone in the office to see, amend, delete, etc.

So, I thought it needed a little spiffing up.  I changed his appointment to say “Bob blood for sacrificial ritual”.


We have all had a good chuckle.  Including Bob.  But he said it’s not the worst thing…that another coworker would steal his paper calendar and write in things like “bikini wax”.  😀




Let the Witching Hour Begin

Oh Fall, how I love thee….


This time of year, when it’s a little cooler out, and the dark comes a little earlier, I find that I’m not as eager to stay out and as I am when the sun is shining warmly.  Once night falls during fall, I want to light candles and cozy up with a blanket and start my Halloweeny movie watching.

Something about the dark and the way the air feels different in the fall….

Mysterious, ominous, thrilling.


I’ve tried a couple of movies already but haven’t quite gotten in the mood yet (and turned them off).  But, the time is a-comin’ and I’m feeling a little witchy….so, please send me your bewitching suggestions for my Halloween movie countdown.


I like all things witchy and Halloweeny…I’m never tired of Practical Magic or Scream.  And of course, who could tire of Hocus Pocus??  But I’m always looking for new movies to add to my list.


Yes, Yes I Am THAT Smart!!

When I was about 20 I dated a guy who was a complete ass.  He was a full-on mama’s boy and a spoiled brat.  Turns out that I actually couldn’t stand him (we didn’t date very long).  He would get upset over the smallest things.  One time he thought it would be a good idea to have a half-assed drag race.  His grandfather had bought him a new sports car and I was driving a 1984 Chevy Blazer that would stall at right turns.  But I floored that beast and smoked him.  He was so pissed off at me that he wouldn’t speak to me for a few days.  #mamasboy

One night, while waiting for him to arrive, I sat around watching Jeopardy.  A few hours later, after he’d shown up and decided he didn’t want to go out, we spent the night in watching TV.



The same episode of Jeopardy came on another channel and I suggested we watch it.  Of course, I’m an ass and never mentioned that I’d already watched it earlier.  So, each and every time Alex Trebek would read the question (or, the answer), I would chime in early with the correct response.  The guy was flabbergasted.  He could not believe how smart I was.  “How did you know the answer to that?”, “Wow!  You’re really good at this!”,  “You should apply to be on the show!! You would win!”

Yes….yes, I am brilliant, aren’t I.

Our dating relationship did not last that long and I’ve never told him the difference.  My ’84 Blazer and my superintelligence were apparently just too much for him. :p

(And just for fun……)


Intimate Conversations

I have dark hair and I’m dark complected.  My brother has blond hair and is very fair.  In the summer, I tan very easily.  I always have.  My brother does not like to be in the sun much.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by his place and he looked at me and said “Have you been tanning?”, as if almost disgusted.

I replied “No.”

He said, accusingly, “Then why are you so dark??”

I replied “I’m always this dark you freakin’ albino!!”


Here we are in Cape Breton as wee ones.  He blends right into his white hair.