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I Went to a Funeral and All I Got Was this Stupid Cold

I don’t know what is going on with my body the last few months but right now I feel like it hates me….and the feeling is sorta mutual.

Last week I went to a funeral for a cousin and, I’m not sure if I picked up some virus there but I’m totally blaming picking up the damn virus there.

It is horrible. I have an icky cough, a fever and such a sore throat. And yesterday I lost my voice completely. *gasp* (Which, BTW, didn’t seem to fathom Blair in the least….I think he rather enjoyed my semi-silence.) I was “talking” with my friend Jesse last night and compared myself to Phoebe (because everything in my life can be linked back to a FRIENDS episode) and referred to “my sexy phlegm.” Jesse’s reply: “Uh, no.”

And although I had all kinds of plans for this past weekend and its gorgeous weather, I spent most of it on my couch, on Blair’s couch and on his deck because I’m convinced that some sun can save me.

So instead of spending the entire weekend with Blair, Friday night I spent on my couch with my animal watching “The Monster Squad.” WHO remembers that movie? (THOUGHTSY: Your homework for this week is to watch The Monster Squad.)

"You know who to call when you got ghosts....who do you call when you got monsters?"

“You know who to call when you got ghosts….who do you call when you got monsters?”

I loved it back in the 80’s and I had such a crush on Andre Gower. He was adorable. And although it wasn’t as great a movie as The Goonies, it was still a pretty gnarly ride for a kid (and even today).

I remember having this poster... :)

I remember having this poster… 🙂

Things I learned from this movie (a la Thoughts Appear’s movie reviews):
– Wolfman has ‘nards
– A teenage girl can still say she’s a virgin because “Steve doesn’t count”
– Scary German Guy isn’t so scary after he offers you pie
– Frankenstein’s new favorite word is “bo-gus”
– Fat Kid’s real name is “Horace”
– Little 5 year old Phoebe is even more adorable after she calls the guys “chickenshit”