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House of Wax (2005)

I originally saw House of Wax back in 2005 when it was released.  I remember it being creepy then but, for some reason, I forgot all about it.



Until last weekend.  I was up really on Saturday morning and it was on TV.  I couldn’t watch it then, not starting in the middle, so I decided to watch it Sunday evening – before The Walking Dead season premier.  Which, on a side note*, was a very.bad.idea.

*{I mean, did you see The Walking Dead?  I think that is the most brutal television I have ever witnessed…..And I watched Dylan’s wife basically mistakenly get assassinated on 90210, breaking my teenaged heart!!  Someone referred to the Sunday night’s The Walking Dead episode as “beautiful brutality”, and I guess maybe it was.  Because, those of us who have watched the show from the beginning have become so emotionally involved in it, we haven’t been subjected to that kind of violence and loss-of-humanity on TV before, have we?  I certainly hadn’t.}

I was so literally traumatized from TWD, and from this darn movie, that I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t even close my eyes.  I eventually got up out of bed and roamed around for a bit, but not before turning my side lamp on at least four times.  Just to clear my head.

Anyway, House of Wax is a pretty good movie.  It’s not quite Screambut really, nothing is.

It’s got some pretty folks in it.  It’s got Paris Hilton getting slaughtered a bit, which, back in 2005, when Paris Hilton was (fuckingunfortunately) a household “thing”, was pretty awesome.


Spoiler Alert:  You’re Welcome!

It’s got spooks and some grossness and some thrills.

And then it’s got this guy popping up.


No freakin’ wonder I couldn’t sleep!!

The movie apparently doesn’t have much, if anything to do with the original House of Wax, starring Vincent Price.  Although, that creepy-ass white face up there is named “Vincent” in the movie….and I literally just got that.  Duh!

But it was a freaky little movie that I would have enjoyed a lot more if I were surrounded by a horde of people….and puppies….in the daytime.



Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Tonight I laid a dear old friend to rest.  Well, technically, I just set him aside for a bit. But I fear that, soon, I miss bid him a final farewell.

Nearly eight years ago I welcomed Fernando into my life.



But after a long friendship, one in which Fernando has stuck by my side, through thick and thin, the time has come and I’ve welcomed someone new into my life.

Fernando, you have been a (mostly) faithful friend.  Thank you for your service all these years.  You can still kick ‘er into gear and burn rubber but this is your golden time and I want you to enjoy the rest of it.

That being said, I need a little help naming my new ride.

My first vehicle – an old Chevy Blazer I bought in high school, named Dave, suited her (yes, her) well.  Fernando fit well.  But I’m stuck on the newbie (a suhhh-weet, black, sleek little hottie!)…..  Here are a few options:

Mondale (any B.H. 90210 fans will get the reference)



Any ideas?  I’ll have newbie named by the end of the week….please submit your suggestions.  🙂


First Christmas Movie of 2014

I’ve really been trying not to rush the season.  In fact, I’m having a difficult time that we are nearing the end of November. I mean seriously….when did that happen??

Regardless of me being lost in time, December is upon us, as is Christmas.  And it seems that Halloween was narrowly over when Christmas movies began playing on TV…..way to rush the season, folks.

Now, normally I don’t like to rush things and I’m certainly not even close to being ready for Christmas or any of the things that come with it.  But last weekend I did nestle in with a fuzzy blanket to watch my first Christmas movie of this season.

Hallmark Channel’s North Pole with Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen.  (Sorry, I know she dropped the ‘Amber’ but I she’s 90210 alum and I don’t know her by anything other than Tiffani Amber Thiessen.)

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I decided to watch this movie was because it was starring a 90210 alum and I feel like I’m part of the Peach Pit/West Beverly gang so I needed to support my friend.

This was a cute little movie.  Nothing spectacular.  Very cliche.  But cute.  Watch the trailer:

I had a hard time believing Tiffani as the motherly type because I really can only think of her as Valerie Malone….but she was decent in this movie.  She shared a lot of characteristics with Valerie (independent, {semi} sassy, smart) but I wasn’t fully able to differentiate from the two people characters.  Maybe I’m stuck in wanting 90210 to still be a number one show….and not just in my book.

The North Pole in this film was interesting.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

It wasn’t the quintessential, quaint little place we’re lead to believe it is in other movies.  In North Pole it was a huge, sparkling city….and y’all know how I feel about shit that sparkles.  Yay!  I really want to go to this North Pole.

via Hallmark Channel

via Hallmark Channel

My biggest annoyance with the movie was Bailee Madison’s over-acting.  Which is funny because if you remember my recent post from Halloween I said the best part of the shitty movie I watched was her acting abilities.  Now she’s gone too far..pull it back, Bailee….pull it back.

But like I said, it was a cute little starter movie for the holidays.  I would recommend watching it….as long as you’re not looking for award-worthy stuff.  This is Christmas fluff.  🙂