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Six Weeks

I always get excited for Christmas in late October. I know it’s early, but I can’t help it.  It’s almost like there’s something in the air that smells like Christmas.  The wind blows differently, the air is cooler, and the days get darker so soon.  And I’m ready for it.

But I wait….

Yesterday was Remembrance Day (Veterans’ Day for my US friends) and I went to a service to honour all the brave folks – including my grandfathers – who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  My paternal grandfather, who is 97 (and a half) and is the last surviving member of his regiment, was in attendance and sat among his comrades.  He proudly wore his many medals.
I saw this comic strip yesterday and thought it was very fitting.
Truth. Via


My nephews were at the service as well and the little one excitedly explained to me afterward that “an army guy sat next to him”.  He was in awe.


Now that this honourable day is over I couldn’t help but get a little (more) giddy about Christmas.  I was Pinteresting the shit out of Christmas party foods and outfits and checking out Christmas movies (they’ve been playing back-to-back since Thanksgiving weekend – grrr!).  I even watched a cute little Christmas movie last night before bed.

The 12 Dates of Christmas.

via ABC

via ABC

Think of this movie as Groundhog Day on Christmas crack – and minus my man Bill Murray.

I was surprised to find that it was a few years old – as I’d never heard of it.  It was adorable though.

Basically, Kate (Amy Smart) lives Christmas Eve over and over (see? Groundhog Day.).

If you have the chance to watch this over the next SIX WEEKS (ack!!) you definitely should.



Ghostbusters Pumpkin Art

Bill Murray is bombdiggity.  And a girl I know made these freakin’ pumpkin carvings.

Ghostbusters Carvings

I mean, the talent…I.can’t.even!!

If I were Bill Murray I would tell that girl:





Well Ain’t THAT a Kick in the Pants?!


So, here it is Monday and for the last five weeks I’ve been counting down to my my eye surgery which had been scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The plan was to work until noon today, then go to an appointment at the local hospital and then head home and get things prepared for tomorrow’s journey.

And not that I am looking forward to having eye surgery while I’m wide awake…at all!!  But I’ve finally sorta made peace with it and have been looking forward to eventually being able to have perfect vision again.

So this morning I got to work, began training my temporary replacement, confirmed my surgery and finished up some loose projects around my desk.

At 11:45 am I was called into the boss’s office where we discussed my temporary (2 week) hiatus, I received my ROE so that I could begin my sick leave paperwork this afternoon, got my “final” paycheck, and went back to my desk and my trainee.  At a few minutes to noon I get a phone call from the surgeon’s office…..

Cancelling my surgery!

WTF?  Are you serious?  Am I being Punked?  Where’s Ashton-Frickin’-Kutcher??

No, I was not being punked.  This was real.  And it screwed EVERYTHING up.

However. we got things straightened out.  My surgery is now booked for Thursday morning.  I got “reinstated” as an employee.  I finished my work day after my appointment and will continue the week thru until Wednesday afternoon where I will semi-relive a “Groundhog Day” a la Bill Murray.


Cheers.  🙂