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Benefits of Being Stalker-esque

I see you!!

For several years I have been trying to track down a woman I spoke to only briefly while working for my former employer.  She and I had a conversation by phone and over the last few years I have made several efforts to find this woman.  I have contacted her namesake on Facebook, I have searched her old employer and tried to email her (only to have the email bounce back as she no longer is with that company) and I have performed many Google searches.

This morning my relentlessness has paid off.  After another Google search I found her name with another company.  I tracked down the company and then her email address and then sent the following (*names and some parts have been omitted):

Me:  Good morning,  I am wondering if you are the same AG who worked for ZFC several years ago?  If so, I would like to pass on great thanks to you (explanation to come).  🙂

Her reply: Good morning Sandy, Yes, you are correct, this is the same AG from ZFC. Do tell me more I am intrigued.

Me:  Good morning!  I have been semi-stalking you for a number of years. 😉
Several years ago I was talking with you regarding your work event.  In the middle of our conversation you stopped me and asked me if everything was okay.  You took me by surprise, as we had never met nor had a personal conversation.
You said you could sense that I was carrying a burden and reassured me that things would be okay and to let it go.
Not long before that conversation I had recently separated from my live-in boyfriend and was living in a moderate depression….and to make it worse, at that time my grandfather was very sick and shortly after passed away.  I was carrying a ton of weight in my heart and you nailed it.
I have, for 6 years, wanted to thank you for your kindness.  It was a small gesture from a stranger but you could sense something and you went out of your way to to show me that someone cared.  It was a very lovely gesture, and in a small way, AG, it changed my life.
Thank you so much!

AG: That is entirely amazing. What an absolutely endearing message to receive out of the blue like this, I just love it and think we need to have a reunion : )

I really appreciate your reaching out like this – thank YOU so much, Sandy!

Me:  It is something that I have carried with me for so many years….this past weekend was the anniversary of my grandfather’s death and I’ve been determined to try and track you down.  I took your advice and DID let go of the things I could change…the breakup ended up being the best thing for me…it just took some time to realize it.  And you had such an air of concern and honesty in your voice and, perhaps, hearing “let it go” from a stranger was exactly what I needed.

NOW I don’t ever condone stalking or anything like that.  I merely wanted to point out that this woman, whom I’d never met and only spoke to a few times EVER (and about work) went out of her way to show a little kindness.  And I just wanted to share with you that even a small gesture could change someone’s world.

Be nice to each other. 🙂