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Dark Chocolate Frozen Fruit

So, I actually got this idea from my friend, Anic (who got the idea from Pinterest).

I am a thorough chocoholic – I’m sure I’ve said it here before that I need a 12-step program, but I’ve been trying to cut back on my little addiction.  This little treat rocks.

What you need:

*Dark chocolate (squares or chips) – (*the dark chocolate, being richer and not as sweet is more satisfying.  A little goes a long way.)


*Fresh fruit – I used bananas and strawberries; Anic used strawberries and grapes.

*(Depending on size, you may want to slice)

*A pot or stainless steel bowl, stove top, ice  cube trays.

It’s easy-peasy.  Melt the chocolate on low heat on the stove top, stirring often.  You don’t want to burn the chocolate.

Gotta melt the chocolate….

…to make it nice and smooth.

Spoon a little of the melted chocolate into each spot in the ice cube tray.

Add a piece of fruit, then cover with more chocolate.

Anic’s pictures are much neater than mine. I’m all about a mess!

See how messy?? Yikes! (Maybe I need bigger ice trays?)

Place in freezer.  Once solid and cool, enjoy!  🙂

Nom Nom Nom!!

One little piece will satisfy your chocolate cravings…..okay, maybe two pieces.

Totally yummy!!

Fruit + dark chocolate = healthy summer treats




Chocolate is My Friend

I’m sitting at my desk on what is my supposed lunch break….got a bit of a stuffy nose…well, I guess not really but it feels like the start of a cold so I’ve been indulging in my sworn-by Contact Cold and Sore Throat.  I’m hoping that it kicks in soon.  I have that weird crick-in-the-neck that just feels like sickness coming on.  Here’s hoping it’s not because I hate being sick (doesn’t everybody?) and I’m a big baby when I am.

Anyway, I just had some fruit, which was super delicious, and a small piece of chocolate.  Yummy. I sorta feel bad BUT not that bad because Chocolate is My Friend.  It was so good.  And comforting.  I feel better now.

Other things that have made this week “so far, so good”:

1) Winston cuddling his butt up next to mine the other night for warmth.  I always enjoy a little love from that cat. 

My Cuddler

2) Spending much-needed quality time with Lisa-Lou and fam.  Including Miss Lilly (“Friend”) and fat-ass Owen…who outweighs my cat by, like, 7 pounds.  I think he actually weighs more than Lilly herself (who is almost 3).  He’s a very needy animal….and I’m a very needy girl so our relationship works out well when I visit.

Miss Lilly and Me

3) Having a certain friend tell me I’m special….AND calling me a DORK.  I enjoy it.  I appreciate the humor and acceptance.  And the gift.  Thank you.  You know who you are.

4) Knowing my slap-bracelet has arrived from Jersey and I just need to pick up my mail from my mom and dad’s.  Thank you, Jules.  (Check out http://goguiltypleasures.com/ for Julie’s blog for a good time.  I’m working on being “out-of-country BFFs”).  A blog for her blog coming soon when I’m less lazy busy and have more time.

5) Almost done Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred and knowing my tummy has gotten a tiny bit smaller.  Yay!!

6) I bought a gift for someone yesterday and am looking forward to seeing a little excitement when I give it.

7) New Clothes.  I am a shopoholic and am proud of it.  Jaime…I know you’re gonna make me throw some stuff out now…hows about a little kick to do it?

8) Movie Night – it’s coming soon.  I am very excited.

9) Girls’ Night – this weekend….who’s in?

10) Chocolate.  Yeah, I know I already mentioned this part but *ahem* it’s quite delish.

Okay..back to work I go.  A new blog soon!