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2016 Christmas Wish List – Part 1

Today I put up my Christmas tree.  This may be the earliest I’ve put it up but, it has been crappy weather outside, I’m home, and after doing some crazy Black Friday weekend shopping yesterday in the City with the girls (followed by an evening of spicy wine and girl chats) I was kind of in the mood.

So, the tree is up, the presents are underneath (although not yet wrapped), and I did some more shopping this afternoon.

I also got a massive splinter underneath my fingernail in the midst of all this, which is still dug in there and doesn’t seem like it’s planning to vacate itself anytime soon.

But, since I’m at the computer already and basically in the Christmas mood, here is the very first of my Christmas Wish List posts for 2016.


I love bib necklaces.  They are the perfect way to make a statement and dress up any outfit.

I have a few “sorta” bib necklaces, but when I visited Amazon recently I was overwhelmed and jealous of all the gorgeous necklaces that popped up.  I want one…or two….or a half dozen.


I mean, isn’t it *JUST*


Just enough


This is one of my favorites – and currently in my cart on Amazon.ca


I love every variation


And of course the list wouldn’t be complete without an orange one (I have a yellow one in my cart)


Listen, if anyone out there in WordPress Land wants to indulge me and buy me a bib necklace like these – or any variation – I happily accept.






















You’re Welcome!

Cat Antlers

I’m sorry…I just couldn’t resist.  This cat-that-looks-like-a-skinned-chicken in antlers is epic!!  I love him.

I bought Winston a pair of reindeer antlers last week.  Unfortunately he has not held still long enough for me to get a photo of him.  He’s a very angry cat now.  Soon.





I have a really pretty white wreath that I bought at the mall probably 5 years ago.  I keep it up in my foyer year-round because it’s so pretty. And I took a picture of it last night with my crappy Blackberry camera and it didn’t check it until today and OF COURSE – it’s a crappy photo.  SO – you’re getting this picture instead:


It’s pretty and simple.  Mine’s a little more festive and SandyLandish but this one ^is very elegant.



So, back in 2006 I got sick.  I got really, really sick still have issues with my lungs and my voice and junk in my throat (sorry to spring that on all you).  And I developed severe sensitivities to (many) certain scents (*yeesh* that was a mouthful) and so I haven’t had a real Christmas tree in quite a few years.  It makes me sad because I love Christmas trees and I love the smell of them.  But, y’know, breathing seems to be sort of vital so I have had the “pleasure” of having a fake Christmas tree.  Can someone please tell me how on earth my synthetic Christmas tree sheds more than the real ones do?  Honestly.  Such a mess all the time.

My Tree

My Tree

I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day at my parents’ house and my mom always has the most beautiful trees – yes, trees.  As in plural.  As in there’s one in almost every room – but the main one is always pretty spectacular….here’s one from a few years ago.  Not her best but still pretty lovely.

Mommy's tree

Mommy’s tree



So, there is nothing in the rules that says the photos posted have to be of my own decorations, right?  So check out these lame blow displays from a window in Town.  Kinda creepy.